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For the sake of clarity it should be pointed out that the Logitech Cube mouse is actually rectangular in shape. In addition to its diminutive size it does provide a few other attributes.

The Cube mouse provides scrolling action when the user swipes a finger along the touch-sensitive main panel. It's claim-to-fame though, seems to be that when lifted into the air it becomes a presentation tool capable of controlling a slide presentation. The Logitech Cube mouse unfortunately lacks that most basic presentation tool; a laser pointer.

On the plus side it does have a rechargeable battery, and a "unifying" USB receiver capable of synchronizing with up to six Logitech Unifying® compatible devices at a range of more than 75 feet. A physical on-off switch helps conserve battery power.


The company's own website says the Logitech Cube mouse "starts big conversations", "helps you make an impression", and "will fascinate your friends and family, colleagues and clients"; so perhaps the form-factor design actually focuses on impressing others even more than providing functional ergonomics. Nevertheless, some will still find the Logitech Cube to be an interesting and desirable gadget design.

Perhaps the Logitech Cube mouse designers were trying to think inside the box, or in this case, inside the rectangle. Any good presentation tool should definitely include a laser-pointer in addition to its ability to control a slide presentation, and this one does not.
This Logitech design does bring to mind a proverbial saying: "More hat than cattle". If you live in Texas, no additional explanation is required. If not, there's always Google.

When looking at a tiny mouse priced at US-$70 any native-born Texan might be tempted to make a down-payment on a full-sized cow instead; thereby answering that other proverbial saying: "Where's the beef?".

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