Dell’s Chromebook 5190 – Ready for the Classroom, This Time with Higher-End Features

I couldn’t have been happier the day Dell decided to branch out beyond its Ubuntu-running machines, and started making Chromebooks, which of course run Chrome OS instead of the traditional Windows operating system found in Dell computers. Dell has brought a new Chromebook to the school desk. Packed with extra features, the Chromebook 5000 series is not only education focused, but they offer more than previous Chromebook bargains have in the past. The brand new series comes in two variants, as either an 11-inch clamshell, or a 2-in-1 convertible. Unveiled during the London Bett Show in late January, not every single specification is known about this device quite yet (CPU processor, etc). However, this particular offering is hoped to provide more battery life, superior strength, extra smooth stylus support, and a lovely price tag.

As a pretty well-rounded device, the Chromebook 5190 signifies Dell has done some due diligence for the lower-end bracket the tech market. Chromebooks are incredibly popular, and despite their limitations, there is a huge amount of consumers that only need a web operating system. For the education sector, Chromebooks are particularly unique, in that they are usually suited with a rugged body, for the protection against the incidents that can occur around a school population. As an example for this particular line of Chromebooks, Dell claims this to be one of the first devices with the ability to withstand up to 10,000 micro drops (4-inch drops at all angles), as well as the more probable drop, from desk to floor, which is about 48 inches. Another notable hazard that the Dell Chromebook 5000 series will be protected from is the (sometimes predictable) liquid spill. The machines, in all their drop-resistant glory, include reinforced hinges (as you can see by the thickness itself), spill-resistant keyboards, and scratch-resistant displays.

Dell used a very common Chromebook design for this new rugged range of tablets and notebooks. Besides the external features which keep it safe, both offerings come in a solid black chassis, with wide ranged bezels, 11 inches of display, and a significantly sized trackpad. Rather than added focus being on hardware and software, as these devices will be used for simple cloud and online functionality, it's battery is able to withstand up to 13 hours without a charge.

Other known features include a front facing camera, which will be useful for students to take photos of what's happening in their classroom, or during field trips. An exciting addition to this Chromebook is an active stylus, which is an upgraded feature for a classroom Chromebook, but a great one, since students love handwriting their notes as well as sketching. Additionally, Dell is proud to announce the Chromebook 5000 series will also include EMR (Electromagnetic Resonance) Pen Support, which is great for quickly discerning between pen and touch inputs, as well as the introduction of a USB Type-C port, for multiple connectivity/accessory options.

Because I love Chromebooks and I love Dell, I definitely want my next Chromebook laptop to be a Dell, and this one is certainly a feasible price-range for an individual like me. Although starting at just $289, I sure do love the price, but I think I might go for an at-home choice, rather than something for the classroom. The company itself, who couldn’t have put it better, stated that this line of Chromebook 5000s were made “to complement our comprehensive offerings of collaborative, mobile, and data-driven solutions”.

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