Eclipse Could Be the Simplest Solution to Your Charging Demands

EclipseUsbHubThis isn't the first time I have spoken about this topic, the topic of having too many charging cables and the anxiety that is associated with this burden. It causes an unsafe electrical environment, annoyance, Plus, another thing's for certain- the ugly sight it causes. No one likes seeing their floor strewn with cables all in a heap. It’s no doubt that there are multitudes of charging station gadgets, as well as other innovative ideas to aid this issue, but it looks like the latest trend is to actually make this accessory problem not only trendy-looking, but as neat as possible.

A company called Eclipse has created an ultra tidy solution for all of this, a circular hub containing 3 USB ports, with all the associated cable length wound up inside of it. It’s kind of like the way vacuums these days can rewind their own cords inside themselves (that is what my vacuum does and I cannot tell you how much it makes my life that much easier when cleaning). So what you get with the Eclipse is the ability to charge three different mobile devices from a single location with that same feeling of ease I mentioned with my vacuum. There is no messy cables tangling themselves and looking untidy. Plus, you can easily select either a single charger you need at the moment, or simultaneously use all three at the same time. Wondering what kind of ultra strong charging cables the Eclipse can handle? The company insisted on including Micro-USB, USB-C-to-USB-C, and MFI Certified Lightning connectors

EclipseUsbHub1The Los Angeles-based startup calls it “the only USB hub you won’t want to hide away”, and that does bring up a good point. This little round gadget is cute, and there’s nothing about it that even gives away what it actually is. A guest inside your home could excuse it as a coaster or, since we suspect more and more smart home devices these days, perhaps a miniature wireless stereo system. The Eclipse hub starts at just $59, and with just 1 day left to go on Kickstarter, the product company already has 6,546 backers, with over $641,000 in funding. Just so you know the level of success here, the company only pledged a goal of $50,000, so we are safe to say that this crowdfunding campaign could very well end up being a popular product on the market in no time. Now that the campaign has unlocked such a large funding goal, not only are there different color options for the Hub, but there are also matching charging cables in the colors Marine (a deep blue), Taupe (a dark greyish brown), and Zebra (black and white). To find out about more package options the Eclipse offers, as well as other successful renditions to its campaign, you can check out their Kickstarter page for upgrading prices and options.

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