Samsung’s Near Future Could Be a Bendable One With Foldable Tablets

SamsungFoldingScreenPatentWhat? A bendable, foldable tablet from Samsung? Could these just be rumors similar to the ones regarding Samsung’s foldable smartphones in the the past? By the way, we stopped hearing so much about those foldable smartphones from Samsung because the idea got kind of kicked to the curb. Despite the patents the company had, the big issue was that they ultimately made no sense. Instead of what you’d imagine happening when you folded a smartphone in half, the large thin oblong-shaped device folded into a fat square-shaped device, with a protruding camera bump problem. So, yeah, that was a no-go.

Rumors again? Not this time, because the tech giant most definitely has a patent, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for this flexible tablet, which is said to accompany a built-in stand and keyboard. Reports say the device could revolutionize the way consumers could work on-the-go. Hmm. While staring at the newly-released images of the foldable tablet’s architecture, you have to keep in mind that what you are looking at may not be what the final device will look like. Sometimes that takes away the fun of it. But despite how long it might take for this particular item to arrive, bendable displays are “right around the corner”, as said by Samsung North American Business lead, Gregory Lee.

SamsungFoldingScreenPatent1Let's say, in a few more months we’ll be hearing more about this foldable tablet with a kickstand and cover (it’s impossible for us to know how long it will take). The notion of something so different from what we're used to makes it truly questionable just how much this would pick up among consumers. Despite how long foldable technologies have been in the minds of countless companies, the people who would be using them are another story. As consumers, our feelings on mobility and comfort shifting in our everyday devices could make this device a questionable move, or a flop. Perhaps, like many (rather strange) devices that are coming out these days, this could be one heck of a niche product, perfect for those who have limited space or time, and somehow find the ability to fold their phone in half and stick it in their pocket to be a beautiful, wondrous notion.

So we know for sure Samsung still has its mind set on a future of flexible endeavors. The company just came away from a really rough month. After the backlash of the Galaxy Note 7 and it being recalled for various reasons, as well as some washing machine incidents including unfortunate explosions, this is at least a distraction. Perhaps, if anything, the news of such an innovation is a bit of a refreshment- especially for Samsung supporters and fully committed customers, who look forward to the company's next bright idea. After hearing tidbits about this particular phone for over a year, there is good news. Earlier this month, Samsung told Bloomberg that “two bendable screen devices” would be unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. Maybe this means there’s more of a timeline than we previously had thought! Hooray! Also, don’t worry Sammy (I just found out that’s become a company nickname), explosions happen, people will get over it, especially if you give them a new toy to play with.

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