Leap Motion Leaps on Board With Gear VR to Provide Hand Recognition Software, all via USB Type C!

LeapMotionHandRecognitionSoftwareOh my goodness we are hearing about Leap Motion again! Hooray! What is up the imaginative recognition software company’s sleeves today? Well, for one thing, the new Samsung Note 7 and its new Gear VR headset could be buddying up with Leap Motion, thanks to the phablet’s new USB Type-C port. Besides being the new standard (it’s reversible, why didn’t someone come up with that in the very beginning?), Type-C is great for communicating data with external devices.

LeapMotionHandRecognitionSoftware1In comes Leap Motion. If you remember correctly or not, here’s what Leap Motion does. It’s basically one of the first of its kind in the realization of impressive hand tracking technology, and mixing the two technologies together would mean tremendous things for the ultimate form of natural interactivity. What you get is the ability to wear a Gear VR headset, immerse yourself in an entirely new world, but also get to use your hands (gloves-free and wire-free) in the environment utilizing a highly established peripheral.

LeapMotionHandRecognitionSoftware2Leap Motion’s new technology is the perfect demonstration for what VR is currently striving for. The technology simply isn’t immersive enough when using a hand-held controller to play around in the world, pick up things, and complete actions, and Leap Motion’s new “Interaction Engine”, as it is called, could be the answer to having more freedom and immersion. See, the new USB connector Samsung Note 7s are offering makes data transfer as easy as plugging in your Leap Motion gadget (it’s a little thing) to the port. I’d like to say “and voila!”, but you also would need Samsung’s Android SDK in order to make the full connection work. But in the end, if successful, you’ve got Gear VR with hand tracking!

Leap Motion now offers an $80 sensor for either sitting on your desk or mounting to a headset, and this is where the hand and finger recognition occurs from. Additionally, Leap has been updating its Orion software (it’s incredibly impressive, you should look into it) to improve accuracy and make the technology more usable than ever. Although the company is testing with tons of headsets, it’s main squeeze seems to be the Android family. However, the software development kit mentioned isn’t coming out until later this year because it’s still in “private alpha” mode. So, now that we know all of this hand tracking will soon be possible for the Gear VR headset, you can officially say your Samsung device could be upgrading itself into one of the most badass forms of a smartphone ever- a VR capable smartphone.

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