Lenovo India Wants to Provide a Valuable First Timer Laptop, and It’s the Ideapad 110

Lenovo110Lenovo India has announced a budget laptop, the Ideapad 110, aimed for first-time PC buyers. In a variety of ways, the Ideapad 110 is a value laptop, priced fairly and complete with just the features a consumer new to the computer-concept would need. In fact, there’s more than adequate storage, memory, and display quality going on here. Lenovo designed these devices for anyone who is looking for something affordable, particularly presuming it will work perfectly for students heading off to college or receiving their first ever personal laptop. The Ideapad 100 is even under the company’s recently-launched Back to College initiative. It’s got just enough, and more, of everything. So let’s jump into this.

The 15.6-inch Lenovo Ideapad 110 is coated in a lovely ebony black hue, and features a nice HD display with 1366 x 768 pixels. Sure the resolution is less than amazing, but most young adults getting their very first laptop would be excited for anything at all, and perhaps not even notice the difference. Weighing around 4.85 pounds, it’s just right on track for what the average notebook weighs these days. Internals include a Pentium quad-core processor running Windows 10, 4GB to start (going all the way up to 1TB) of storage, and in terms of memory, configurations go up to 8GB. Battery life, noted to hold for four hours of constant video playback, on an average and may vary.

Lenovo110-1Finally, there is Bluetooth 4.1, HDMI, as well as Wi-Fi 802.11ac for speedy internet access. Considering a lot of college work is done online these days or in the cloud, this is a winning feature. At around $305, or 20,490 Rs, the price is perfect (top configurations max out at $372, or 24,490 Rs). You get Windows 10, specs that are above what you’d probably get out of an entry-level device (remember there’s Intel Inside!). Plus, Lenovo’s Back To College initiative means college kids can avail Educational Management Information Systems (EMIs) on the purchase of select models of the device, and Lenovo’s free accidental damage protection included means students are entitled up to 3 years of warranty for free! This warranty is worth nearly $67, or 4,449 Rs. Add all that up, and Lenovo’s Ideapad 110 package that is seemingly turning out to be a very good deal.

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