The LG Gram “Coming to America” Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

LgGramUltrabookLG making a new laptop is a big deal. In U.S. markets, the Korean tech giant is normally known for its big, fancy flat screen and curved television sets (which include LED, OLED, 4K, and smart), and of course, popular smartphones, such as the beloved LG G4. Currently, LG only has a few laptops in its lineup of devices, none of which have hit U.S. consumers yet. However, that’s about to change with the launch of its new Gram series ultrabooks.

The first thing that comes to mind when a company enters an already highly populated laptop market is, “You better bring your A-game”. LG intends on doing just that. Its new Gram laptop series will be high-end, super lightweight ultrabooks, packed with Windows 10, Intel, and a beautiful display. The carbon-lithium/carbon-magnesium built Grams are available in both 13.3-inch and 14-inch options, and feature a full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS display. As hinted in its name, the LG Gram weighs just around 980 grams or 2.16 pounds, and measures 0.5-inch or 12.5mm thick. That, my friends, is less than the weight of the MacBook Air! To be fair, there are imperfections in the Gram’s design. As stated by Gizmodo, because LG decided to make such a light device, its plastic design causes a few too many creaks and crunches (but, whether it’s “too many” is really up to the consumer).

LgGramUltrabook1These Gram ultrabooks have some pretty decent specs on the inside, reminding us why they are higher-end devices. Included in the 13.3-inch model is an Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB of storage, and 8GB of DDR3L RAM. The 14-inch model provides a couple options, one sporting the Intel Core i5 processor with 128GB of storage, the other sporting the Intel Core i7 processor with 258GB, and 8GB of DDR3L RAM (An and Tech).

Lastly, connectivity and internet include HDMI, dual USB 3.0, an SDXC reader, Micro USB, Ethernet, and Intel’s Dual Band Wireless AC-7260 card. Let us not forget this thing runs Windows 10 right out of the box. The Gram series ultrabooks are available now, priced starting at $900 for the 13.3-inch model, and $1000-$1400 for the 14-inch model, depending on configuration. With one of the lightest designs currently on the market (anything that beats Apple has to be considered clever), LG is sure hoping the Gram’s on-the-go attitude will win over those looking for an everyday task machine.

But, uh oh, will a 7 ½ hour battery life be enough? For such a weightless device, it’s not difficult to understand how LG couldn’t fit a bigger battery inside without altering the super sleek frame. I guess we can forgive LG, as it obviously has enough positives going for it, considering the likes of Intel inside, and beautiful ISP display outside.

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