An 11K Mobile Display Is in the Works at Samsung

Samsung11kDisplayJust when I think I’ve got my head wrapped around the amazing resolution offered by 4K displays, Samsung goes and ups the ante. According to Korea’s Electronic Times, Samsung plans on building an 11K display for mobile devices by – get this – the year 2018. At an astounding 2,250 pixels per inch, this would be roughly four times that of Samsung’s existing quad-HD mobile displays. While the name Samsung itself has become synonymous with display quality in recent years (anyone who has spent any time with the Galaxy S6 can attest to this), they are not the only company working towards this massive goal. In addition to confirmed involvement from 13 different domestic and foreign companies, the South Korean government has even pledged to invest $26.5 million to the cause over the next five years.

Samsung11kDisplay1If you’re already wondering what the point of such a ludicrously high resolution for mobile devices is, then you’re not alone. According to Samsung, the number of achieved pixels per inch with an 11K display could actually give screens a 3-D like effect, without the need for 3-D glasses or additional hardware. Plus, it would eliminate what up to now has been the biggest complaint regarding Samsung’s Gear VR, which is that the inadequate resolution breaks the illusion of immersion. Currently the headgear works alongside the otherwise spectacular display provided by the Galaxy Note 4 (which boasts a 2,560 x 1,600 2K screen), but the view is split in two in order to share between the Gear VR’s lenses. An 11K display in the same scenario wouldn’t even be hindered.

Samsung11kDisplay2Dubbed EnDK, the public prototype is expected to be unveiled at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It is not yet clear why that particular event was chosen as the debut for this eye-popping technology, but nonetheless that’s when we can look forward to seeing just what it’ll be able to do. Hopefully with the upcoming wave of 4K and 8K displays hitting consumer products we will also start to see processors and batteries advance to the point that they could handle such a power-hungry display. As of now, only a few processors on the market can keep up with the demands of even a 2K display for smartphones, and battery power technology is nowhere close yet. Either way, I’m intrigued to see how such a massive resolution will play out on a 5.75-inch screen.

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