It’s Official! a Fully-Functioning Bluetooth-Enabled Star Trek Communicator Handset Revealed

StarTrekBluetoothCommunicatorIt’s been a glorious few years for the nerd kingdom. We’ve seen lightsabers finally come into fruition in some strange and unique ways, our smartphones can be charged by Back to the Future-inspired flux capacitors, and cars are literally driving themselves around on our streets. Well Trekkies, now it’s your turn to have your wildest adolescent fantasies come true. Behold, the Star Trek Communicator headset! This latest gadget from The Wand Company, the same folks that manufactured the amazing replica phaser and universal remote last year, is no mere toy or replica. This is an official, screen-accurate, Bluetooth-enabled Star Trek Original Series Communicator.

Take a closer look at the photos and it should be clear to even the most hardcore Trekkies that careful, precise care has been put into recreating this iconic prop from the series. According to The Wand Company, they used “structured-light 3D scanning” to match “every line and curve” of the original device, and the attention to detail shows. Supposedly, it is the most accurate recreation of the original communicator ever produced; and as further proof, it’s already available for pre-order at the official Star Trek merchandise store. This recreation of the original “Alpha Hero” prop is made of die-cast metal, aluminum and textured ABS plastic and comes with an included magnetic stand that features wireless charging. Spoiler alert? In addition to its Bluetooth functionality, the Communicator is also filled with authentic Star Trek sounds and conversation fragments.

StarTrekBluetoothCommunicator1I can already imagine several of my friends shouting “Beam me up Scotty!” into their Communicator while stuck in traffic or on long road trips. While sadly the Star Trek Communicator won’t give you a direct line to the Enterprise, it does make a pretty sweet addition to your smartphone. It works just like your other Bluetooth-enabled devices probably do, serving as handset and speaker for calls as well as playing music. To keep in character, the company even built in a feature that lets you answer your phone by simply opening the grilled antenna cover (call placement is likely activated by voice command). As you probably guessed, this Enterprising technology doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to shell out $150 to get your hands on one, and then exercise all your patience muscles until they actually ship in January of 2016.

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