Flatmate Desk Helps Geeks Stuff It When Uptight & Short of Space

If work space limitations have you feeling uptight and shoved into a corner with your back against the wall, Müller Möbelwerkstätten "has your back" with a flatmate that never brings home riffraff.

Up Against the Wall Geek-Head

If you're wondering what your new flatmate's name may be; it's uhhhh, Flatmate. Flatmate desk to be precise, and you do want to be precise, don't you? Just one look and you'll know you're seeing compressed precision in an incredibly thin body. When your Flatmate has its back against the wall, which is all of the time, it stands out only 4-inches from the wall with a waist, or uhhhh, width of 27-inches, and height of 44-inches, so as to remain unobtrusive.
Caress your Flatmate in just the right way and it willingly opens up to you, while shedding light (glare-free fluorescent) on your innermost thoughts as you work quietly on its 16 x 27-inches desk space. This is a Flatmate that, in spite of its svelte figure, never complains when asked to hold your CDs, documents, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other devices. This live-in companion even keeps your secrets,with a scarcely noticeable side-panel in which a variety of possessions may be discretely stored.

It's a Flatmate that never complains about being told to stay out of your way, stand straight, keep its back against the wall, and live only in the hallway. It obeys when told to never use your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom; but will work just as hard if invited to live in one of those spaces.

You'll just have to see a few photos of a Flatmate desk to fall in love, as it were. Surely at least one of your potential new companion's fourteen colors will catch your eye.

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  • Drew Swearingen

    You forgot to mention that it needs to be attached to the wall, or it will fall over. By the way is there a cutout on the back so you can run a cord to an outlet for the light?