The Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet Is Just Right, for the Wrong Price

Dell has come out with a new rugged tablet, with “extreme” in its title, meaning it’s quickly ready for any outdoor mission- as it contains Gorilla Glass display, and easy to install handles, straps, and kickstand with range up to 180 degrees. Because it has been tested for extreme altitudes, temps, and drops, the rugged aspect is the winning factor here. You’ll immediately see from the external design of the Latitude 7212, that its body is made to withstand work in environments that could range from windy, cold, to extreme drops and pressure. Along with that, this model gains more great CPU processor architecture, as well as multiple improvements compared to the original model, the Latitude 12 7202, from 2015.

Is this another clunky giant which, for some reason, happens to run Windows 7, but is getting attention due to its rugged protection levels? Yes, you read that right, it still runs Windows 7. To be fair, this is unlike any ultrathin laptop, convertible or hybrid PC being sold out there at the moment. This is an OS made to be used in work environments, such as law enforcement or construction, therefore software that isn't as updated as most consumers require, isn't the biggest deal. However, upgrading to Windows 10 is not going to be a big deal for anybody, and anyone on the job can do it if they feel the need.

The 11.6-inch tablet features a FHD LCD screen with touch, and, all-in-all, the Dell Latitude 7212 is pretty huge, but for a tablet. At 0.67in x 12in x 8.2in, and weighing in at 2.82 lbs, this is the same weight of a MacBook Air, however much lighter than its predecessor’s weight of 3.57 lbs. Hence, even if it runs an old version of Windows, that does not mean that it doesn't have significant upgrades in place. Overall, having a lighter-weight device is definitely something important to most consumers these day, and the particular crowd this tablet is aimed for should appreciate how light it actually is for an MIL-standard machine.

Its internal specs include Intel’s 6th and 7th-gen Intel Core CPUs. It functions with an adjustable kickstand for propping the tablet on a table, accordingly. For typing, the accessory option of an RGB backlit removable keyboard cover is available at arms length (all included out of the box). The system can be equipped with anywhere from 8GB to 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of PCIe SSD. For connectivity, the Latitude 7212 Rugged includes a USB-C, GPS, and optional 4G LTE modem.

With about 19 hours of battery life, it only makes sense that this rig is made to be used in the outdoors. Speaking of endurance, the Latitude 7212 is rated IP-65 against dust and water intrusion, and if you know what this means, you would know this particular computer could still operate in a dust bowl, extreme temperatures high and low, a monsoon, and of course drops and severe poundings. I mean, even that Gorilla Glass touchscreen works with gloves. That’s what the MIL-810G certification means for this rugged tablet. Other accessories include removable battery packs, an external battery charger, clip-ons for I/O extras, and video card readers.

Is this whole Windows 7 aspect going to be a downfall to everyone who reads about the Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged extreme tablet? When it comes to rig itself, I bet Dell has already thought this to be a little bit to its own advantage; meaning that the use of a brand new product whilst running an old operating system could actually be just as effective. Made specifically for this brand of consumer, the laptop even comes with desk and vehicle mounting systems, carrying cases, and straps for extended portability. Think of scaling a mountain, and trying to report the degree of geologic deformation. You can do that when you have this kind of portability and durability; and hey, don’t worry about your device shutting off with 10.5 hours of battery life on your side. As far as price, it is available currently starting at $1,909 and up. That’s pricey, and a bummer-perhaps even enough of a bummer to steer consumers away. Time will always tell.

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