Dell’s New Advanced 4K Laser Projector Has an Ultra-Throw of 4 Inches, up to 130-inch Display

Imagine using a desktop, you know, the whole shebang: the keyboard, dock, mouse, etc., without the right desktop monitor? Having more than an “okay” desktop monitor is sometimes overlooked as an important part of completing the full setup. How this could be, especially with display resolution being one of the most important specs folks discuss when reviewing new devices these days.

In general, display manufacturers have been working hard to oblige with the demand for desktop monitor quality, whether the consumer is a hardcore PC gamer, or in a work environment. Hence, over the last few months, an excellent slew of monitors have presented themselves, ready to offer the latest technologies in highly dynamic range (HDR), beautiful color support, and of course 4K UHD resolution.

When it comes to Dell, the company has come up with its own new displays, two in particular are nearly ready for their audiences, meaning, not just one type of user will find use with these non-typical PC monitors. For today, the focus will be on Dell’s very first 4K laser projector, which is set to go alongside Dell’s new curved display in its UltraSharp line. Dubbed as the Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector (S2718QL), and aimed at the commercial market, the device offers 4K UHD resolution with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, plus HDR10 support and 5K brightness. When it comes to projection level, the S2718QL is quite the contender, with the ability to provide up to a 130-inch display onto its surface. This is meant for the boardroom and classroom environments, but could definitely be used in one’s home, especially if they wanted to take the media from one their wireless accessories to a whole other level.

One great thing Dell has overcome with this new 4K laser projector is the short throw, meaning it only needs to sit 4-inches away from the wall to project 4K. Think about the ease in using this, and the lack of added cables strung about just to provide an extra (or initial), display setup. Finally, as a PC-free projector, the device may display 4K media from a USB, or Full HD from Wi-Fi, with the option of up to four projections occurring all at once. It also comes complete with Bluetooth audio, HDMI 2.0, and HDCP 2.2. Although pricing isn’t set in stone yet, a less-than $6,000 price tag is expected, with retail availability beginning July 2017.

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