Samsung Made a 2-In-1 Tablet PC, and It’s Pretty Great, the Samsung Galaxy Book With a Stylus Pen

Wait, a new lil’ Samsung tablet running Windows 10 is coming? Oh it’s here? What, it’s probably the latest tablet that will make you think twice about even buying a new laptop? It’s actually kinda funny, isn't it, considering another machine to be as capable to act as a replacement for the laptop? Yes, well, things change quickly in the world of tech. Until now, the notion has always been configured as a “desktop replacement”, since their size and platforms were the things to beat. That being said, we do know tablets have been increasingly well-suited with the latest hardware and display quality, so all you really need is a keyboard to smack on, and you’ve got a fully-functioning computer.

So what we have here is the 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book! It is offered in a teeny 10-inch variant as well, but let’s stick with the 12-inch iteration to discuss the ins and outs of this thing. Nope, it’s not on par with the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft, nothing is, but excitingly enough, it’s closest match in terms of ideology is, in fact, the beloved Pro 4. It’s like saying no, it’s not Tangerine Dream by Victoria’s Secret, but it’s the only product that comes close (obviously, I must disclose that I just made up the Tangerine Dream brand, and it’s what you call a metaphor, folks!).

So is it any good? Well, let’s compare it to what else is out there! Both sizes are come with a keyboard case and stylus, which is pretty much on par with common 2-in-1 tablet PCs today (except the many of these fun pens are sold separately), yet the Galaxy Book 12-inch iteration is a good model to set the best example. For one, it’s “redesigned” S Pen stylus has been said to “feel like a 0.7mm rollerball” (wow, I haven’t thought of my old favorite rollerball pens in a while, but I do remember how much fun they make drawing and writing!). Okay the S Pen sounds great, why didn’t we start with dimensions (um, because every report discusses it quite a bit)? Ahem, while dimensions include an 11.47 x 7.87 x 0.29 inch body and a weight of 1.66 pounds, it settles in nicely with a 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution, and a PPI of 216.

More specs. Said to run on 10.5 hours of battery life without a charge, there are no full-sized USB ports, like the highly comparable Lenovo MIIx 510, or Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12. There’s just a pair of USB Type-C ports for peripherals. These Galaxy Book models also have a built-in adjustable keyboard, which is thin as can be while appearing comfortable. Back to the stylus for comparisons sake, Samsung’s got the up on this one, guys, because as far as Acer and Lenovo go, Samsung’s Galaxy Book is the only option that comes with the stylus as part of the price, rather than having to purchase separately.

It’s most definitely a lovely laptop - most certainly a legitimate addition to the others who have their sights set on competing with the Microsoft Surface Book (and we know there’s a lot these days). Although we don’t know pricing or release dates, it’s Samsung, and Samsung doesn’t joke around. Needless to say, the company does things to take a step forward above the rest, even if it means most of its models are priced on the high side (and this is on par with competitors). What can we say, it’s seemingly natural at the moment to find the latest trend in computing to prevail as 2-in-1 tablet PCs. Yep, we’re back on little and cute, gorgeous and functional. Have fun finding yours.

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