RippleBuds Make Ambient Sounds and External Noise a Non-Issue for Phone Calls and Music

RippleBuds2We all know that Bluetooth is a thing, we know it still exists, and that it is particularly helpful for communicating hands-free with headphones and earbud sets. But when is the last time we have heard of any big advancements in the technology, or earbud technology for that case? Well here we are, just sitting around like a bunch of idiots, still using the earpods that came with our smartphone to talk and listen to music, when RippleBuds exist? RippleBuds are the world’s smallest Bluetooth earbuds equipped with an in-ear microphone system, capable of drowning out ambient sound and loud environments.

RippleBudsThe way San Francisco startup RippleBuds started was when CEO Shin Dusik found himself constantly on his smartphone whilst in the noisiest and busiest of environments. Passing cars, honking horns, and too-close conversations of strangers can be cumbersome when trying to have your own conversation. Whether it was a chit chat to a family member, or an unfortunate cut-short conversation with a client, Dusik had to find a solution to this inaudible problem. After attending an exhibition in 2005, and learning the interesting fact that a small portion of our voice actually comes out of the ear when we speak, Dusik quickly put together the idea of placing a microphone in his ear to rid all sound except the voice. By 2012, small enough components were available for his team to create these unique earbuds you see today (Kickstarter).

RippleBuds1RippleBuds, mono-earbuds featuring both an integrated microphone plus noise blocking technology, makes on-the-go lifestyles a breeze. By being able to answer phone calls no matter the level of ambient noise around you, RippleBuds also promise to make your voice clear “even in the noisiest environments”. Also featuring enhanced voice recognition and hearing impairment prevention, RippleBuds of course work by connecting via Bluetooth. You also have the choice of using RippleBuds as a single-piece (mono) earbud just as a headset, or a stereo bundle for listening to music. Engadget reports RippleBuds “offer about five hours of talk time when fully charged”, but are not certain how listening to music will affect that. Both the mono and stereo earbuds come with a neat case that has a built-in battery for charging (capable of juicing up the single mono bud 6 times, or the stereo pair 3 times). The case itself even offers a USB cable for charging, so you shouldn’t find yourself in a rut.

Great idea, with an allegedly great design, not to mention a couple smart solutions for staying charged up. RippleBuds, which is currently on Kickstarter pledging for a $50,000 goal, has already raised over $260,000 with 26 days still left in its campaign. Excluding ambient noise from your conversations will help more than Dusik, who of course swears by their productivity. This idea has the potential to help professionals (and people who talk to their grandparents) everywhere!

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