Lenovo and Razer Team up to Form the Computer World’s Newest Super Group

LenovoRazerGamingSystemsIt’s no secret that desktop PC sales have seen a decline over the last few years. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and a plethora of hybrid devices available in a wide array of style and price options have made the home PC all but obsolete. There is, however, one market that will still shell out the big bucks for a PC - the gamers. While home desktop PC sales wane, gaming PC’s and accessories remain a hot-ticket item. In fact, there has been a steady increase in the cost and quality of gaming towers and accessories alongside a shift to a “do more with less/for less” strategy when it comes to convertible notebooks and tablets. So what do you do if you’re a respected PC maker like Lenovo and you want to break into the gaming market? You team up with a company with gaming cred like Razer and join your respective forces.

LenovoRazerGamingSystems1While the partnership of Lenovo and Razer may seem strange at first, consider what they can both bring to the table. Lenovo is one of the largest PC makers in the world and has earned its reputation by creating well-built, high-performance machines that stand the test of time. Razer is a common household name in the gaming community and a hands-down leader of the pack when it comes to gaming accessories. According to the new collaboration, they plan to utilize “the manufacturing, supply chain, and channel relationships of Lenovo” with the “technology and deep expertise of Razer”. Much like Alienware did with Dell, the little gaming accessories company known for their multi-hued game-friendly gear will now have the power of one of the “big boys” behind them.

LenovoRazerGamingSystems2The first line of co-branded PC’s appeared in prototype form only at the gaming convention DreamHack Winter 2015 last weekend. While not much is known about the line as of yet, it has been confirmed that the PC’s will exist within the Lenovo Y series but come as “special Razer Editions”. These special editions will “reflect the edgy Lenovo Y series look and feel” and include “iconic Razer elements like customizable Chroma lighting effects”. The prototype shown at DreamHack featured a pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards in an SLI configuration and showcased Razer accents like multi-color Chroma case lighting and green USB ports. The only other information the super group seemed comfortable to release at this time is that the system will be debuted in its completed form at CES 2016 in January. One thing you can count on though? Be prepared to fork over some big bucks if you want to get your hands on one – this collaboration is sure to offer high-end specifications at high-end prices.

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