Logitech’s Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro is $150 Well Spent

LogitechCrateKeyboardUnless you live under a rock, you know about Apple releasing a big brother to the iPad, the iPad Pro. Logitech has since come out with a keyboard case for the new iPad. Part keyboard, part case, the Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case is a lovely fabric-covered folio made to add to the functionality of your iPad Pro. Reviews for the Logitech Create are out, and thanks to all the details given by 9 to 5 Mac and Ars Technica, I can give you the nitty gritty on just how well both the smart keyboard performs and the case functions.

Did you know that the Apple already has a lovely keyboard/case for its iPad Pro? The Smart Keyboard, which docks the tablet, is perfectly usable, but if you desire a little more for a little less you might want to learn what Logitech put into its Create keyboard. It does “almost everything well the Smart Keyboard does well”, including propping the screen, protecting the front and back of the tablet, and making a great surface on your lap. However, Logitech is happy to report the areas that its Create keyboard improves upon the Apple version.

LogitechCrateKeyboard1Logitech is fantastic at creating Apple-esq keyboards with the short “chiclet” keys, not to mention the overall layout and function are nice and familiar to Apple’s. But one of the first things you’ll notice about this case is its backlit keys, which come in whatever color scheme you may fancy the most. It contains the row of function keys we all know and love; even specific Apple-functioning keys are found here. Ars Technica says as far as key size, spacing, and travel, the Create keyboard feels nearly identical to the MacBook Air keyboard, a transition most Apple lovers would easily take on.

As far as the entirety of the device, the keyboard and case measure roughly 12.2 x 9 x .75 inches. While the case itself is a fabric-covered folio (ballistic nylon on the exterior in a variety of colors), opening the Create keyboard reveals a holder for your iPad Pro on the right, with the keyboard on the left. 9 to 5 Mac says Logitech uses a physical pressure clamp to keep your iPad in place, which, once is completed, “feels steady inside the frame”. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes more than one try to get the alignment perfect. Considering a lot of insertion and exertion will be done with a device constantly going from tablet-to-laptop mode, I consider that a bit of a bummer. However, Logitech did “stand mode” some serious justice by using a magnetic bar right above the typing surface, even “activating the keyboard as soon as the physical connection is made”. The ease of this is lovely to think about.

LogitechCrateKeyboard2Overall, there is some serious budget-friendliness about the Create keyboard. Consider the Smart Keyboard cost at $169, and don’t forget that the Smart Cover it comes with is another $79. Logitech’s version, which functions as the same device, totals for $150, also offering added protection at the back of the tablet thanks that extra cushion. The only drawback I can think of involves the weight of the Create keyboard, which is a bit bulkier than the Smart Keyboard overall. Moreover, thanks to that extra cushion the device sports, volume and power buttons are a bit buried, which could make them sometimes harder to press down.

So there you have it. Although Apple’s Smart Keyboard/Case option is nothing to scoff at, Logitech provides some seriously adaptable features in its cheaper, more thorough version. What it basically comes down to is whether you can stand using your iPad Pro tablet as a laptop, and if that’s something you’re seriously considering, the Create keyboard will do all the work making this a lovely transition for you.

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