The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 Is an Ultra-Portable and Affordable Hybrid

LenovoThinkPadYoga12When it comes to choosing the right laptop or tablet for you, the sheer number of available choices can often be daunting. For those of us that want something that does it all, and does it fast, and does so all from one single, convenient device that we can actually afford, the options shrink significantly. For that reason convertible hybrid notebooks have quickly risen in popularity, and each offering comes with its own special little skillset. Chinese tech giant Lenovo is one of many companies competing in the hybrid race and their latest contribution, the ThinkPad Yoga 12, offers just the right combination of power and flex at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve spent any time with Lenovo’s ThinkPad or the ThinkPad Yoga 14, then the ThinkPad Yoga 12 should look pretty familiar to you. Design-wise, it encompasses the same business mentality as before while offering the multimode flexibility of a convertible device. Dual-axle hinges allow for a bevy of positions including Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet. The hinges have received a bit of an upgrade from previous models in order to make them more resistant to the wear and tear that comes from repetitive open-and-shut motions, and are now made of “special zinc alloy” which is able to handle 30,000 open/close cycles. The chassis itself is magnesium alloy and Gorilla Glass covers the display, adding business grade durability to this sleek ultrabook. The crowd-favorite feature of the device has to be the inclusion of Lenovo’s Lift ‘n’ Lock keyboard though, which makes the physical keys seem to sink down into the system for a flat surface when the laptop is in tent, tablet and stand modes. Combine that with the optional Active Pen technology and 10-point multitouch display and you’re looking at a notebook that is really striving to do it all – and succeeding.

LenovoThinkPadYoga12-1The 12.6-inch display offers an HD or FHD screen depending on model, and is powered by Intel HD Graphics 5500. Depending on which configuration you choose, hardware options include up to an Intel Core i5-5300U and 8GB of RAM, a 180GB SSD, Intel Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a battery that claims to provide eight hours of video playback. If you’re worried about the lack of port options generally offered by ultrabooks, let me put your mind at ease – the ThinkPad Yoga 12 has ports galore. Included are a mini HDMI for video output, two USB 3.0 ports, a 4-in-1 card slot, volume and display lock, a combination headphone/microphone jack, and even a stylus port in the upper right corner. And to keep your machine running strong for years to come, Lenovo made sure the Yoga 12 passed mil-spec testing so it’s able to handle up to 98% humidity, temperatures reaching as low as -20C or as high as 60C, high dust levels, high altitudes and a multitude of repeated shocks, drops and jostles. For a convertible hybrid that starts at only $890 (via the Lenovo website), this ultrabook delivers just the right amount of durable bang for your buck.

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