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Austin TX, Silicon Hills, ATX -- Let's take a scatter-shot look around in one of the world's top technology hubs, also known as Silicon Hills; and known affectionately to art, music, and SXSW (South-by-Southwest) aficionados as simply "the ATX".

Austin is recognized world-wide as a technology-hub, and as such is home to offices of companies such as: AMD, Apple, Cirrus Logic, Dell, Evernote, Facebook, Freescale, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, National Instruments, Nvidia, Parts-People, PayPal, Silicon Labs, and 3M.

Cirrus Logic Universal LED Lighting Dimmers

LED lighting dimmers lack of universal compatibility has previously been a major impediment to consumer adoption of LED retrofit bulbs. Cirrus Logic’s new digital TruDim™ technology addresses that issue with the CS161X Family of LED Driver ICs, and is going into volume production.

Jason Rhode, Cirrus Logic president and CEO said: “Solving the challenges of dimmer compatibility was enormously complex, and we're pleased that one of the largest LED lamp manufacturers has showcased our first LED controller precisely because it provides near-perfect compatibility with every installed dimmer from around the world that we could find and test." Cirrus expects to ship 5 to 10-million LED controllers before the end of 2012.

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices Market Share & ARM Devices

AMD has hinted it may consider ARM chips for some devices. If ARM chips were to be combined with their APU (Accelerated Processor Unit)into a single device, AMD would blast to the front of the class with almost unbeatable technology.

AMD gained market share in notebook CPUs in 2011, but lost ground in desktops and servers, according to IDC, a research company. In mobile device processors, AMD was up 2.7 points with a 16 percent share, and Intel dropped 2.6 points to an 83.6 percent share. In PC CPUs, AMD was up seven-tenths of a point with a 19.7 percent share, and Intel dropped six-tenths of a point to an 80.1 percent share.

Parts-People Adds Inventory in Growing Tech Economy

In dozens of news articles, published on this site, Parts-People is rarely ever mentioned; so we hope you will just "play-along" with us here.

Parts-People is above all else, composed of people. No surprise there. Established in 2002 as a start-up, entrepreneurial, family-owned business, it operates an online store that provides Dell laptop parts to businesses, school districts, individual consumers, government agencies, and non-profits.

In 2003 the company's rapid growth caused a move to centralize operations in 14,000 square-feet of mixed office, warehouse, and retail space; and it continues to build components inventory in Austin's growing technology hub. With more than 200,000 parts in stock, now provides one of the largest selections of Dell replacement parts on the internet.

Codero - Cloud Hosting Company Expanding into Texas

Austin tech executive, Emil Sayegh, has been hired by Kansas-based Codero to handle marketing, sales, and product development in Austin. The Austin office will open this year with a starting staff of 12 employees.

Berlin-based Sponsormob Opening an Austin Office

Sponsormob is a recognized European provider of mobile advertising, and is now opening an Austin office to focus on expanding their client list in North America.

Technologies such as Click-to-Call, and Real-Time-Bidding have made Sponsormob a successful player in Europe's mobile marketing scene.

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