Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Hands-on Teardown / Disassembly Video

Roscoe Dyer, our very own Videographer and Director of Social Media, here at, has produced a hands-on teardown / disassembly video of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook.

Dell XPS !3The general consensus in the tech community seems to be that the XPS 13 may represent some of the best build quality ever to come from Dell. The class-leading, backlit, full-size keyboard accentuates the excellent construction and, as you will see, is secured with 25 screws.

List of Eight Items of Interest About Parts & Components:- Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

  • Carbon-fiber base-cover is secured with 10 star-drive screws

  • Battery is attached with 8 screws (not considered to be "consumer-serviceable")

  • WLAN card is the half-height type (Wireless Local Area Network)

  • SSD is the mini-express variety (solid-state drive)

  • Display can not be disassembled (LCD)

  • CPU is not removable / upgradeable (Central Processing Unit)

  • Memory is  not removable / upgradeable (RAM)

  • Keyboard fastened very securely with 25 screws

To "play" with this Ultrabook in a way that may not otherwise be accessible to you, just click on the "play" button.

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