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The Surface Book 2 Rumors Include More Ports and Battery Life for a Healthy Improvement

The 2015 Surface Book had its pros and cons, but it was a good model machine. Everyone really really dug it! Although based on rumors for right now, quite a similar report has been fashioned for the 2016 Surface Book … Continue reading


The New Surface Book With Performance Base Ups the Graphics, Amazing 16 Hours of Battery Life

We couldn’t believe it when Microsoft introduced its first ever laptop last year. The Surface Book, in all its anticipated and ultimate 2-in-1 notebook-ness (forgive the grammar, kids say the darndest things these days), was literally a hit. It featured … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Brand New Surface Book Is Not Just Another Hybrid Laptop

If I were a laptop, and there was one laptop I would try to live up to, it would be the Apple MacBook. Laptop “envy” is what it’s called, actually, and I’m not the only one who has it. Most … Continue reading


The Chuwi SurBook Is Here to Take on the Surface Pro via Crowdfunding

Willing to pay a little extra to get everything you want when it comes to one of those perfectly sleek and stylish 2-in-1 notebooks? You know, those hip, detachable, delicately designed and developed hybrids? Somehow, these guys are pulling off … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is Primed to Take on Apple’s Macbook

After years of revolutionizing the hybrid world, Microsoft is taking a step back and setting their sights on a far more basic task – the inundated world of plain-old shell laptops. There are no tricks, it relies on no gimmicks. … Continue reading


Ultra Cheap VivoBook W202 is the First Laptop With Windows 10 S From Asus

What we know about Windows 10 S tells us that it’s more or less Microsoft’s answer to Chrome, for simplifying Windows for lower-end laptop hardware and models. The education sector is prone to needing the affordable, hopefully durable, lower-end laptops. … Continue reading


“Chuwi Is on Fire!”: The Chuwi LapBook Air Is Proving Their Perseverance to Make It in America

I wouldn’t go as far to say that Apple has been too lazy to update the MacBook Air. You never really know what to expect next from that company. However, there is an up-and-coming Chinese clone in the works, with … Continue reading


Huawei’s MateBook E Is a Nice Rendition Hoping to Make Better Over the Original

Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company Huawei, is probably more of a huge deal than the average consumer may think. This is the single largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, an area where Ericsson held the … Continue reading


Huawei Designs the Matebook X to Get Right in the Apple MacBook’s Face

Wait, another stab at an Apple device from yet another company? Yep. How could you possibly blame the countless competition from working their way into the hands of, well, you? So many tech companies are spinning their own work to … Continue reading


The New Surface Pro, Beautifully Crafted, Fastest, and Longest Lasting Model yet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5- it’s been a long and highly anticipated launch, but now it’s not just speculation after speculation anymore. The specs and sales date of Microsoft’s newest Surface Model have finally arrived. Is it just me, or … Continue reading


Samsung Made a 2-In-1 Tablet PC, and It’s Pretty Great, the Samsung Galaxy Book With a Stylus Pen

Wait, a new lil’ Samsung tablet running Windows 10 is coming? Oh it’s here? What, it’s probably the latest tablet that will make you think twice about even buying a new laptop? It’s actually kinda funny, isn’t it, considering another … Continue reading


The Rumored Information on the Surface pro 5, If True, We Can Pretty Much Count on It Being Great

Everyone has to remember the Microsoft Surface Pro ads from television. From the Surface Pro 2 ad, showing off the brand new kickstand, and the new pen, to the later gen commercials, usually with the Microsoft device sitting next to … Continue reading


The Microsoft Surface Studio Is Its First Desktop, and Creative Professionals Could Find a Goldmine in Its Use

Wait a second! Microsoft, THE Microsoft has outdone itself once again? It has, this time with an improved rendition of its Surface Book (you know, the 2-in-1 considered to be the best of the best from Microsoft), by creating a … Continue reading


Asus Launches Stylish New Laptops, the ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 pro, and ZenBook Flip

Asus picked three lovely new devices to announce all at once. The ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 Pro, and ZenBook Flip are all noted as stylish laptops, ready to take a stab at all of their Apple and Dell competition. In … Continue reading


The Mi Notebook Air by Xiaomi, Aims to Be a Good Alternative to the MacBook Air

Xiaomi, don’t you remember when it was just a name (attached to a $60 billion worth), when we didn’t quite know what it was all about, just that it was a popular Chinese brand inching its way into America? I … Continue reading