Common Problem with Broken Hinges on Dell Inspiron 1525 laptops

Here are some pictures of the the commonly misdiagnosed hinge problems on the Inspiron 1525. The hinge will appear to be broken but after closer inspection you will see the hinge actually broke off of the LCD back assembly.

Where the hinge screws into the back assembly will break off causing the LCD back assembly and LCD bezel to separate and crack.

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14 Responses to Common Problem with Broken Hinges on Dell Inspiron 1525 laptops

  1. Tammy

    This happened to me and I had to buy new hinges, bezel and lcd back. I now have a new problem. While the right hinge screws into metal threads to the base of the computer, the left hinge screws into plastic threads to the base of the computer. The plastic threads are stripped and I don’t know what this part is or if I can order a replacement piece. Please advise. Thanks, Tammy

  2. Ivelisse

    i’m having the exact problem, and i already ordered some new hinges :s

  3. Derek Burton

    this has happened to me – exactly as described – not the actual hinge but… you don’t say how to fix it!!

  4. geeta

    my hinges are broken but stuck on the laptop side instead of the back panel- how can i remove that

  5. SteveO

    Same problem. Happened after just over a year of ownership of course. Someone needs to sue those idiots at Dell.

  6. THIS HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME WITH THESE LAPTOPS. The screws and the screw “holes” pop out of the plastic. Its a faulty design. There is a way to buy a soldering iron and solder the screw “holes” back into the back lid assembly so it can be screwed in again. However, it will just keep happening again and again. Do NOT just buy a new bezel if yours cracks, it will just crack again 🙂 Buy a soldering iron they are like $4 on ebay.

  7. Croydon

    Amazing! This used to happen on the old IBM Thinkpad laptops in the nineties!!! I used to be an onsite engineer in a large office block and fixed dozens of them over a two-year period. Just goes to show the lack of quality of manufacture and the lack of product development.

  8. Biscuiteer

    This has happened with two Dells, one being this model and another being a newer one with a different hinge design. These are simply crap.

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