The Rise of Linux, Manjaro’s New Laptop, Spitfire, Customized by Station X

What is the Manjaro brand? The name doesn’t appear in the world of tech like most other brands like Dell, Lenovo, or even Xiaomi these days. Dubbed as either Manjaro Linux, or simply Manjaro, the name refers to an open sourced distribution of Linux, relating to the Arch Linux brand, based on x86-64 computer architecture. These computers are meant to work straight- out-of-the-box, and be as user-friendly as possible. When choosing a laptop, most of the world relies on the big brand name, Windows. Yet, there’s still a huge population of consumers who find Linux to fit their liking, and for reason.

It’s all about comfort zones. For example, the Chromebook sensation shows folks are willing to bend in the first place. Although nothing beats Microsoft, Chrome is the closest we have come to using a Linux-based system on a large scale. It’s a fully Chrome-based system, without all the wiggle room and environment you’d expect from a full-fledged laptop. Yet, many, including myself, find themselves perfectly fine using a laptop just for web-based services (cloud) and productivity. Similarly, there is the Linux-based OS, however, the Linux environment is not as welcomed with open arms because it doesn’t have the face of something like Google, the largest company in the world. So the niche left for Linux is those who have a high degree of knowledge of different types of operating systems, and are comfortable opening their door to them.

Both cyber security company Station X and Manjaro are so excited to reveal the latest edition to their laptop lineup. As small of a community it may be, the team at Manjaro truly believe their new product has a delicate balance between hardware and software. The Manjaro Spitfire features a 13.3-inch (size is currently suggested, not confirmed) Full HD IPS 1080p display. The body is ultra thin, measuring a mere 17.88mm, and features an all aluminum chassis. Said to run Manjaro at “blazing speed”, plenty of tweaks to both the CPU and battery (a 36WH, with a typical battery life of 5 hours), were required to make this Spitfire model deserving of its flashy name.

Finally, all Manjaro users will receive full support from the Manjaro Team, getting all updates, even custom updates built specifically for the Spitfire. Just as custom as the support, users are able to design the exact version of the Spitfire that they want, starting with either a 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake i5-7200u or i7-7500u CPU processor. Alongside the processor is DDR4 memory support up to 32GB of RAM, 128GB to 500GB M.2 SSD, and Intel HD graphics 610/620. Connectivity includes an HDMI output, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, Mini Displayport, a 1.0MP webcam, a backlit keyboard, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Manjaro, along with Station X, have worked to make a custom machine, tweaked in the right places, and with improved, streamlined settings. Together, the two finally have what they describe as being a “simply astounding” result. The starting price is not final yet, but for those who are ready to be done with the MacBook or Windows life, consumers could possibly find a comfortable transition to Linux.

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