The Daring New 10.5-Inch Apple iPad Wants to Aid in the Tablet Population Decline

Not only is the new Apple iPad a bigger size, it also sports a thinner LCD trim bezel than ever, which gives it more gain in the tablet market. More gain? How could the iPad possibly become even more popular than it already is, you ask? If you think about it, it kinda has to be. The tablet seen across the world as the universal best seller has a lot of competition these days, and it was about time, naturally, for Apple to want to make another move with its tablets. The intent with its new iPad Pro 10.5-inch edition is to ultimately start replacing laptops of creative users.

Another look at this. Tablet sales have been plummeting, across the world mind you, and Apple knows this. Another thing to consider is Windows tablets. See, although both iOS and Android tablets are great, the length of their capabilities can’t hold a candle to a Windows tablet. This doesn’t mean Android and iOS don’t mean business. Take Dell tablets for example. Although not seen on many Best Selling Tablets lists, Dell still offered an Android OS computer with skyrocketing performance. Remember the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140)? Along with the other Venue models headlined back in 2015, the Venue 11 Pro sought out the title of a “laptop in disguise”.

Hence the situation the world’s largest tech giant is in. The question now isn’t if Apple could make another popular tablet that consumers will buy, but whether a really powerful tablet could take on the likes of the MacBook Pro, even as far to say it could offer an even better option? You must be getting the point by now: could the new iPad Pro 10.5 tablets replace laptops to some extent?

Since that’s what Apple is aiming for, a big upgrade is what we’re looking for. The specifications on this tablet are aimed towards professionals and creative enthusiasts who want a premium computer experience. Hence, the following: a 64-bit Apple A10X Fusion chip, 4GB RAM, 64 to 512GB storage options, and a 10.5-inch IPS LCD screen with 2223 x 1668 pixels. Again, when speaking real estate, the latest iPad has a good 20 percent more screen to offer, with such drastically reduced side bezels it’s crazy; not to mention a stupidly-light body, weighing just 1.05 pounds.

So there’s that amazing display, super high-end CPU, and big storage options; but what else can we learn from the iPad 10.5? For one, it’s loaded with a more than decent 12MP f1.8 primary camera, with a quad LED flash, OIS, and a 4K video; and even a 7MP FaceTime camera. The iPad also features a 3.5mm audio out, GPS and Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), Wi-Fi ac, and global 4G connectivity. If it’s not clear by now, Apple chose specs as reminiscent to a pliable, working PC as possible. The new iPad’s presence of high-performance Thunderbolt ports, incredible display and powerful graphics are means to make any creative and artistic consumer happy. These are no longer the finds of the laptop and the laptop alone, but perhaps of the healthiest tablets you’ve set your eyes on.

So yes, without any sort of a doubt, this is the workings of an iPad that has a “go big or go home” kind of mentality, necessary when aiming for a shake-up in the tablet computer market. Hence, what makes this move by Apple important is how much the iPad Pro 10.5 signifies itself as a sort of evolution. With 20 percent more screen real-estate than previous iPads, speakers in all four corners, a 30 percent faster processor than the previous gen, a 40 percent upgrade in graphics, the latest version of TouchID in the Home button for easy access, and the best display to ever be put on an Apple tablet, consumers could take this thing and run. They could run so far and have a truly reliable computer in every way, shape, and (ultra-thin) form. There’s Photoshop, there’s Lightroom, there’s pencil integration, video rendering, and even a 10-hour battery life. Running iOS 10, Apple knows its fastest-running operating system now has a better chance at running mobily. Available in 3 configurations and available right now, the new iPad 10.5 is all about media, music, videos, and creation in general, in the most amazingly portable size yet.

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