The HP Spectre X2 Is One Classy, Updated 2-In-1 Hybrid With Comparable Value to the Surface Pro

Yikes. Another 2-in-1 that wants to go against the almighty Microsoft Surface Pro, a one-of-a-kind Windows 10 device that has been the front-runner hybrid laptop across the board. The day this device came into the world other folks were trying to reiterate its greatness into their own models. Some have been successful in providing such relatively great attributes in a small package. However, the race is an interesting one, one in which not all are trying to beat the actual Windows sleek device, but for the most part, put itself up against every other 2-in-1 maker out there.

It’s being stated that HP is, in a way, beating Microsoft at its own game in announcing this new offer from the Spectre line. The Spectre x2 is one meant to perform well above the expectations of anyone assessing a machine at this price level. One immediate reaction/question must be referring to the differences between the 2017 Spectre x2 and the Surface Pro, one which can be immediately answered with the fact that these are both, first and foremost, high-end tablets by design. The same goes with Dell’s XPS 13 (9360) 2-in-1, which continues to combat the Surface Pro in its many lavish specifications, such as Kaby Lake processors, and high levels of storage. These Spectre X2s, however, work like the typical hybrid, where taking off the keyboard portion is done by a simple magnetic detachment. Although, there is no hinge system involved with this 2.4-pound Spectre x2. In order to prop up the screen, it takes a simple extension of the kickstand.

The 8mm thick hybrid measure 14mm when the keyboard is attached. Being this thin brings more relevance to the device, as there is now an increase in battery life by 15 percent. That being said, this machine bears 3000 x 2000 pixels on a 12.3-inch touch screen, and comes packed with a 7th gen, dual Intel Core i7 2.4GHz CPU. Memory includes 8GB of RAM, an additional 128MB dedicated Intel HD Graphics 640, and a 360 solid state drive (SSD). Finally, a MicroSD slot, 2 USB-C ports, a DisplayPort, and of course Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are all included in the HP Spectre X2.

The portably designed 2-in-1 also features a lot of good things. Included is strong Windows 10 software for achieving what you desire in workload form, and of course the CPU processing power, screen quality and aesthetics. All of this, and it’s still got a good price tag going for it. Pricing, which starts around $1,300, includes the retail configuration mentioned, while a maxed-out system tops out at $1,960.

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