The Dell Latitude 7285 Is the World’s First Wireless Charging Laptop, With Multiple Keyboard Options

Just this month, Dell announced the arrival of a new member of its premium business-inspired Latitude line, one claimed as the very first wirelessly charged laptop. Yet, we must not forget, the Latitude name doesn’t always mean sleek and thin, especially when you take a look back at the Latitude 14 7404, an extreme and rugged (yes that’s even in the model’s name) notebook with a build that can withstand nearly anything. So yes, Dell can pull off anything from A to Z out of its Latitude line, proving the Latitude line is made for all types of business individuals. Speaking towards this particular 12-inch, detachable 2-in-1, it’s safe to say the 7285 deserves its title as the first wireless charging laptop. However, these special charging capabilities come in a different form than you may think. They also come with a price.

The company behind this is called WiTricity, and thanks to its magnetic technology, this is Dell’s first product that works with its own charging base. The wireless charging occurs through an attachable keyboard, not the type that is simply a clip on, but one meant to act as a more traditional keyboard dock. Not only sold separately as a wireless charging base, this keyboard is one that cannot be charged beforehand, or on metal surfaces.

So that’s two uses in one- the Latitude 7285 works as both a Qi wireless charging supplement, and a typing component. Adding to that, there are two more keyboard options for the 7285 model. You may take advantage of its ultra-trim build by making it the travel keyboard of choice, or as a productivity tool with an entire four hours of extra battery life being juiced into your machine. All the while, Dell wanted to maintain the true desktop-type of feeling in the keyboard by lifting the keys a bit.

So, while you’re not worrying a bit about wires tangling about your feet or desk, Dell is only succeeding in the efforts of pleasing the on-the-go business consumer. Relying on things such as multi-purpose ports, like USB-Cs or longer-lasting batteries, all lead to one marvelous truth- man may officially survive without what he had to before- the need to plug in. Well, this is the truth with this particular laptop, at least.

So yes, the Dell Latitude line is meant for business users, but as Dell implements increasingly easy-to-use attributes such as this ultra-charging feature, other ideas are constantly coming into play in order to make this line seem more than a high-end hybrid. Ultimately, I think we’re seeing most on-the-go notebooks as something anyone could use, from the average consumer to the work-steady individual. So when you read the title, “First Wirelessly Charging Laptop”, you now understand this is the first Dell product to work with its own charging base, and this “sold separately” accessory is one that works quite similarly to mobile device-based charging units. Dell does, however, intend for its keyboard charging station to be compatible with future systems.

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