The Dell Latitude 7825 2-In-1 Is the World’s First Laptop That Can Charge Wirelessly

Well, if you can’t tell by the title, I have been led to believe that Dell made a hybrid that has been catered, perfectly, to the on-the-go human. Fixated with an attachable keyboard as a charging base, and starting at just $1,199 (yes, it’s a pricey one), this is the Latitude brand at its best. Announced earlier this year at CES 2017, it was, of course, one of hundreds of laptops shown off. Luckily, this thing is equipped with a “stand alone” perk, the perk of having a wireless charging feature to set it apart.

As mentioned, this Dell Latitude model, 7825, uses a wireless charging base via its detachable keyboard, which unfortunately needs to be purchased separately. Although this is an immediate bummer, especially for the consumer, who is supposed to be intrigued by the device being “different”, not only does the keyboard come separately, but the wireless docking station comes separately too.

So, to make this more clear, the Dell Latitude 7825 has the option to charge wirelessly wherever you go, if you in fact purchase the notebook ($1,199), and then the Wireless Charging Keyboard and Wireless Charging Mat for $549 additionally. For some business users, this would add enough comfort level to go for it. Not only is the Latitude line for business users in the first place, high-end hybrids are a super hot commodity. Some seriously popular hybrids, like the Surface Pro line, have clip-on keyboard covers, and it’s hard to deny that wireless accessory feature sure makes it easy to love this genre. However this model comes with a more traditional keyboard than the slim clip-ons, it’s nothing bad, it’s just a tad more square in appearance, and the keys aren’t as flat and round. Let’s just say, it’s more “Dell-like”, and we all like that now don’t we?

So, yes, when the two parts of the Latitude 7825 come together, it will look and feel more like a regular clamshell, and some business folk like that sturdy aspect. Speaking of sturdy, onto the specifics of this thing. After simply placing the tablet base onto the large, square charging pad, the system is now powered. However, Dell does say that the wireless charging mat isn’t designed to be used on a metal surface, since the wirelessing charging technology uses magnetism to work its magic. The device comes with a 12.3-inch display, and buyers can choose from Intel’s Core i5-7Y54, i5-7Y57, or i5-7Y75 CPU processors, either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of “fast SSD storage”.

At the time of announcement, Dell proclaimed its Latitude 7825 laptop as the world’s first laptop that can charge wirelessly. Since being so similar to Microsoft Surface Pro laptops automatically means good things (those hybrids are some of the most well-thought out, not to mention sold devices in the world), it also bares the truth that purchasing even the most basic, non-wireless charging keyboard separately ($250) is necessary. This new product from Dell is definitely a step in the right direction, as far as wireless features go. Notably, Dell also sells another detachable keyboard with power backup support to deliver four hours of battery life. Whatever you may chose, you could have it on your lap by this August.

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