Remote Wireless Charging for Your Phone, as in Truly Wireless, Is Yours With the MotherBox

There’s so much talk about charging these days, probably because it’s one of the most important accessories for maintaining vitals on our devices. Chargers are becoming smaller, and surely more portable in that sense, some not even requiring a cable attachment. Although there are countless charging hubs out there, many being ultra convenient and space-friendly, they do require plug-ins. Many companies have taken that benefit and made it wireless. Take the Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad, the Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Mat; or even the incredibly sophisticated and avant-garde OvRcharge, the levitating charger that made its way through Kickstarter to become a funded “success”. Successful or not, high sales or not, one promise tech companies have been striving to live up to is truly wireless charging.

If true wireless charging is what we are talking about, it’s not as if these companies have failed. Although, to a certain degree, most wireless charging today doesn’t fulfill the promise. See, most of these inventions still require some sort of direct physical contact to a charging pad or inductive charger (I’d say OvRcharge, as a levitating device (still hard to fathom), could be the closest to this goal I’ve at least heard of).

So here, take a look at something called The MotherBox, interpreted as a truly wireless charging unit-meaning no contact required. The company behind MotherBox, New York-based Yank Tech, built the charger to supply 2 watts of power to a smartphone up to 20 inches away. Another thing, according to head designer Josh Yank, is that the closer the device is to the crazy looking gadget, the better the charging rate. For example, between 10 and 15 inches of distance will provide double, or 4 watts of power, 5 to 8 inches way provides 8 watts, and finally, devices at less than 5 inches of distance gain a charging rate of 10 watts.

Going into more lovely specifics, the 6” x 6” x 6”, 3 to 4 pound MotherBox is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and can charge multiple phones at the same time. All of this is possible through inductive power, using a pattern of antennas known as three-dimensional phase coil arrays. Being as scientific as I can be, the antennas work their energy evenly, distributing it all across 3D circular areas. As the image physically explains (a bit, I guess), these 3D circular areas make it possible for your smartphone (or smartphones) of choice to beam electricity when in the field’s radius. As hard as it is to explain the shape of this thing, the name MotherBox has a nice and nerdy meaning behind it. The company actually took inspiration from DC Comics, where a certain computer device existed, able to transport beings and energy from one place to another (even the nerdiest person I know hasn’t heard of that one). The last tidbit of important information is that MotherBox itself does not have a built-in rechargeable battery, yet runs after a good outlet charge.

As a project on Indiegogo, the company, which is headquartered in Columbia University's startup lab, is really shaking up the electronics space by launching this crowdfunding campaign. Better believe it, MotherBox has been gaining popularity thanks to its 665 backers, who should be celebrating their support since the product has already triumphed 283% over its $25,000 goal (which stands at over $70,000, currently). With 21 days still left in the campaign, the project is certainly in the state of going from prototype/hopeful idea- to utter success, with shipment beginning by September.

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