LG’s New Levitating Speaker Will Lift Your Spirits and Elevate Your Sound Game

LgLevitatingSpeakerThere are but a few hours left in 2016, and before I ring in the New Year, all I wanna know is – where the deuce is my hoverboard?

Sure, Lexus demo’ed that board that hovered over a special magnetic base, but who has the time or money to build a magnetic hoverboard ramp in their back yard? For now, I’ll have to settle for something a little more practical. LG is stepping up to the plate and giving me a little taste of the levitating magic my heart so desires with an actual floating speaker – no magnetized backyard required. It’s not the first levitating speaker we’ve seen by any means – there is the floating soccer ball-style model, the one that hovers like a stormcloud, and even a shiny ufo-shaped gadget. But LG is the first major brand to usher in an actual working prototype, and the initial pictures and specs indicate that it may also be the most practical and functional levitating speaker on the market.

The new year always starts off with a slew of new products, prototypes, and inventions en route to their big debut at CES. The annual Consumer Electronics Show takes place every January and gives attendees (and soon after, the rest of the world) a taste of the most cutting-edge technological advancements to look forward to in the coming year. In the past, we’ve seen awe-inducing reveals in fields like computer processing, wearable technology and even medical technology; and this year is no different. But for this nostalgic nerd, I just want something to blow the walls off my apartment and the dust off my ears, all while comfortably hovering on my nightstand. Cue LG’s “Levitating Portable Speaker”.

LgLevitatingSpeaker 1The new speaker from LG does not rely on any of the shiny, gimmicky design that many of its predecessors did. Instead, it provides a simple and functional, well-designed speaker that also happens to float like a space-age sound egg. Its round base, called the Levitation Station, is equipped with electromagnets that create the speaker’s floating effect, and also provides ample boom for your sound with a subwoofer to pump deep bass. The speaker itself, in addition to providing the magic of floating, promises 360-degree sound with a 10-hour battery life. And the best part? When that levitating little sound machine needs more floating juice, it automatically descends back to its bases station to recharge (and can still be used while charging).

In addition to the obvious cool factor of this speaker, LG says that they included Dual Passive Radiator technology into the design so that the sound has “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.” Plus, the entire system is weatherproof up to IPX7 specifications, so you’ll be able to wow friends at your next pool party, too. Aside from knowing that it can connect to two devices at a time via Bluetooth, not much else has been revealed about this levitating little wonder. But you can be sure that when it debuts at CES next month, I’ll be one of the first in line to get my hands on it.

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