Anyractive’s Portable GoTouch Transforms Any Screen Into an Interactive Whiteboard

AnyractiveGoTouchThere is a new digital display option in this lovely and innovative world of smart things. Now this is no ordinary projector, such as the LG ProBeam ultra-portable projector from last week, which stood the test of ingenuity by combining a webOS, lasers, and lumens to turn any living space into a home theatre that could easily replace your bulky TV. The projecting device we are discussing here is the latest in the race of creative digital monitors. Dubbed GoTouch, the device is a product of South Korean startup Anyractive, this particular display alternative can transform any electronic screen into a digital whiteboard.

When discussing the concept of digital whiteboards, and the market growth that has gone along with it, let us consider what has taken place so far. We have the Google Jamboard, as well as the Microsoft Surface Hub, which are both digital whiteboards with tons of functionality when it comes to conferencing and collaboration tools. Another thing these two have in common is their cost, and at $6,000 and $9,000 for the Jamboard and Surface Hub, respectively, they are pricey as heck. Less expensive options include the Smart Kapp IQ for $4,000, and Dell’s 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor priced at $5,000. Taking into account the new GoTouch device, which is a more versatile projection device that can not only make any TV instantly interactive, but by using infrared light as a mechanism, can turn laptops, TVs, and monitors into digital whiteboards.

AnyractiveGoTouch1By using the words digital and interactive, we mean any of these surfaces can be written on and drawn on. By working with highly-accurate infrared technology to make the projection this versatile, and internet connection to collaborate, any colleague or student is given the ability to join into the lesson via phone or tablet, despite location. All you do is set your GoTouch up to your smartphone or PC (Apple, Android and Windows are compatible) using Bluetooth, and launch the app onto your TV or projector.

GoTouch has the ability to track what you write onto the screen with great accuracy. The HD camera, which runs at 100 frames per second (fps), tracks infrared light in the GoTouch Pen, and delivers incredible quality and zero lag whilst writing. The infrared sensor in the GoTouch Pen can sense this light with 4K Ultra HD precision, allowing any unintentional touches from an elbow, arm or finger to be ignored. The company claims that drawing with the GoTouch Pen is just as responsive as the actual experience of drawing on a regular board.

It’s fun to think about all the possibilities with the GoTouch, and just how great of an upgrade you could get by using it in the office or classroom. With it, instructors and presenters may portray their lessons onto a screen that allows for a much more detailed explanation and interactive experience. The device itself is portable, easy to use and set-up, and is being tested in businesses and schools across Korea for the last year. If you’re wondering about the success of GoTouch, it’s already begun. On Kickstarter, 898 backers pledged over $110,000 to help bring this project to life. The startup is ready to launch its product across the entire globe, and as soon as February hits, shipment is expected to begin for its Kickstarter backers.

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