LG Is Ready To Show Off Its Tall and Thin, Totally Portable ProBeam Projector

LgProBeamHf80jThe television came out in the late 1920s, so if you think about it, it has been around for a very long time when you look at your own life time. What’s most interesting, is how the television has gone through such tremendous changes in such a small amount of time. Most children who were born in the 1990s or even 2000s have witnessed a transformation right in front of their eyes. Many of us can remember our family television being one of those huge, incredibly heavy boxes, but, within the last 15 years televisions have become nicer than you could ever imagine, and smarter than you would ever hope for. There is almost no reason to even have a DVD player anymore, since you can use your smartphone as a remote, and the apps on your phone as a library. Thanks to the innovations in technology, TVs today are flat-panelled, thin, and many are 50 or 60 inches (most folks who have a television in their home probably have something over the size of 40 inches).

The reason in bringing up the television is to consider what is making it change so much- and the answer is consumers. Per usual, consumers want bigger and better, and that’s why more folks are opting for a projector, as it satisfies their need for a larger-than-life display. The projector has a lot going for it, but it hasn’t fully caught on yet. Most projectors are too bulky to transport, and too ugly to live among the rest of our living room knick knacks and items. Most are “heavy, fat table hogs”, as Ars Technica put it. However, those of you who own a projector know how fun it is to watch movies and videos in a theatre-like setting. The platform is anything you want it to be, from your own projector screen set-up, to the wall in your living room.

LgProBeamHf80j1Home theater enthusiasts will be happy to hear of the ProBeam HF8OJ projector, tech giant LG’s solution to these, and other consumer complaints of the projector. ProBeam is an advanced laser engine video projector, capable of emitting a whopping 2000 lumens of brightness, enough to convey a clear image even in a bright, daytime setting. When considering aesthetics, ProBeam is more table-friendly than ever before, weighing just 4.6 pounds, with a vertical build instead of a wide and horizontal frame were used to. This makes it easier to hold with one hand, and not at all intimidating to carry around.

It runs webOS, making this projector smart, so you can do anything with it that you could a smart TV, like play HD videos, and stream your favorite movies, music and television. ProBeam is also capable of something called “Sound Sync Adjustment”, where it can be paired with Bluetooth speakers or headphones in the case of avoiding any lag associated with wireless audio. It projects a perfect parallelogram, even at strange angles, using it wide-ranging Keystone corrections.

All set to show off ProBeam, as well as other next-gen appliances and devices at the upcoming 2017 CES, LG is hoping to gain some ground with home theatre enthusiasts by offering a rarity in the projector market- something that is bright and small enough to hold. There is no price or availability information right now, so we will have to wait until the first week of January to get that information.

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