Acer Is Ready for Serious Competition With Its New, Ultra Thin and Light Spin 7 Convertible

AcerSpin7When I grab the tech news section of the web (this is just me being nostalgic), I see all of the latest ultra-thin laptops modeling after one another, or more competitively, modeling themselves after a MacBook, or a Windows 10 touchscreen like the Surface Pro. That’s where it’s at these days- the ultra-sleek, the ultra light, with that aluminum finish, the optional touchscreen, and a hope for that extra battery life with the fast processor. With Acer’s Spin 7 laptop, we’re looking at a serious likeness to the MacBook, but with Windows, and no fans.

AcerSpin7-1Thin as all get out, Acer’s laptop doesn’t quite reach the gold medal for “thinnest laptop” (it may technically be the thinnest convertible at the moment, however), a feat that’s nearly impossible to hold the title to for very long. Yet, it is a svelte 360 degree 2-in-1, one that was actually awarded the CES 2017 Innovations title. Its 14-inch, 1080p HD display fits into a 13-inch chassis fitted with Gorilla Glass, weighing just 2.6 pounds and measuring a mere 10.98mm thin. Using the new Kaby Lake processors from Intel, I’d say that’s the second sign showing us that Acer went all the way with this model. The i7-7Y75 “has two cores and four threads, a base frequency of 1.3Ghz, a max of 3.6Ghz”, and embedded Intel HD 615 graphics. Kaby Lake is great for faster 4K videos, longer battery life, as well as heat management.

AcerSpin7-2The massive glass touchpad only compliments the rest of the Spin’s shiny silver body, yet, multiple sources do complain of this thing being a fingerprint magnet the second human hands mess up its beautiful presentation. After you get over that, maybe more of the internals Acer decided on will intrigue you. Like good competition (ahem, Apple), the Spin 7 did well by consumers and put in that USB-Type C port, two of them actually, one for charging and the other for data transfer. You’ll also find a DisplayPort, headphone jack, as well as a security lock slot, plus a USB 3.0 port dongle adapter, and HDMI port dongle adapter in the box.

Other notable adaptations include the shallow keyboard, which with 1.2mm of travel and 51 grams of force to press, seems to do just fine among users. The trackpad is huge, but not as large as the MacBook Pro’s, and what’s so wrong with a huge trackpad? More room to navigate, right? Lastly, the company went with fanless, mobile chips, making that Intel CPU with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD a very “decent multitasker”. Having 25 tabs open without any lag on the video you’re also watching in the 26th isn’t bad. Although you won’t find the Acer Spin 7 quite as fast on benchmark tests as its competition, it’s still up there. Currently available in the United States for $1,999, Acer is sure to make its customers happy with this one. It’s remarkably small, and all of the capabilities inside its compact body make it an overall super fast, well thought-out laptop.

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