The Ubuntu Linux-Powered Oryx pro Now Comes With a 4K Display Option

OryxPro4kWhen it comes to powerful laptops, it’s hard to argue the point that Apple builds some of the best-performing rigs around. For months leading up to the latest MacBook Pro’s release, news sites and tech blogs were perpetually filled with leaks, sneaks, and speculation around what magnificent new features the iPeople could start looking forward to. Weeks later, reviews and unboxings of the sleek new laptop still dominate headlines. But what if you’re not sold on the whole Mac idea, or you simply can’t justify shelling out that kind of money for a laptop? System76’s Oryx Pro is an Ubuntu Linux-powered option that comes in a little cheaper than the MacBook Pro, and now comes with the option of a stunning 4K display screen.

OryxPro4k1The Oryx Pro is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a laptop that is equipped to smoothly run Linux without any issues. Out-of-the-box, it comes fully equipped to manage any gaming or visual needs you may have, and has also been optimized for use in engineering and scientific applications. Unlike Apple, who is notoriously slow-moving when it comes to system upgrades, System76 features an ever-evolving product line. The addition of a 4K display to the Oryx Pro’s 15.6-inch model (the 17.3-inch will feature a 1080p screen) puts this rig back into the forefront of emerging technology. And of course, what would a stellar display be without stellar graphics? The latest from System76 can now also be configured with Nvidia’s Pascal GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, arguably one of the best on the market right now. Plus, it comes preloaded with Ubuntu 16.04 or 16.10. There is, however, one slightly disappointing exclusion from this futuristic machine – Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors. That’s not exactly System76’s fault though, since Intel has yet to release their Kaby Lake chips for gaming laptops yet.

OryxPro4k2Onboard you’ll still find plenty of the bells and whistles you desire. While they aren’t the next-gen Kaby Lake processors generating so much power buzz right now, Intel’s chips based on the Skylake architecture still provide plenty of juice. The Oryx Pro also features m.2 SSD slots based on super-fast NMVe technology, along with two slower 2.5-inch SATA III drive slots for SSDs or hard drives. You’ll also find all the usual suspects - two USB 3.1 Type-C slots, three USB 3.0 slots, an SD card reader, gigabit Ethernet slot, and of course your 802.11ac Wi-Fi. To keep you visually set in your stunning new 4K rig, an HDMI port and two mini DisplayPort slots are also included, as well as a 1080p webcam. Plus, it can be tricked out with up to a whopping 9TB of SSD storage. The price range for this laptop, as you can probably imagine, is a wide one. But just like with any 4K display or tricked-out gaming rig, you are obviously getting whatever level of advanced, high-performing technology you opt for (no judgement for hitting the the max-out price of $7,012).

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