Bring Extra Power With You, Dell’s Power Companion Devices Allow Your Mobile Office to be more Productive Than Ever

DellPowerCompanionThe Dell Power Companions are the key to all your low battery power woes. Being an on-the-go professional, or someone who simply relies heavily on their laptop for all day use, your mobile office can easily be powered and productive using these portable power banks. Dell made them super compact and powerful, providing up to 28 hours of total power when used with select Dell devices, and fitting seamlessly inside your laptop bag.

DellPowerCompanion1What makes this different from other generic battery packs? They’re mostly secluded to smartphone and low-power tablet charging (something using a 5-volt output, not USB), while full-power laptops, such as Dell, have big requirements in this department. Luckily the Dell Power Companion busts out 19.5 volts of energy, and instead of charging itself via low-voltage USB ports like generic packs do, these power themselves using the laptop’s charger, by way of the barrel connector.

Still comparing the Power Companion to generic packs, Dell’s device can fully charge from zero in just a couple of hours or less. This beats other battery packs into the ground, which typically take a half a day to a full day to accomplish a full charge. This is all thanks to Dell’s 19.5 volts of electricity flowing through this thing. Speaking of, there are two options, the larger 18,000mAh model, which is the one we’ve been discussing thus far, and the 12,000mAh model for USB-C laptops. Either choice, you must use corresponding Dell laptop models. You also get two USB Type-A ports expelling 2 amps, and two inputs compatible with most popular Dell power bricks, making it easy to plug in a smartphone or tablet in addition to your notebook. There’s also a 5-LED indicator to keep tabs on your fuel levels.

DellPowerCompanion2Coming in two solutions, compatible with select Latitude, XPS, Inspiron, and Venue systems, the Dell Power Companion simply plugs into your laptop’s charger, then into the laptop itself. It maxes out at 65 watts, so if you have something as powerful as the XPS 15, you are not going to be able to charge it when either the graphics or processing cards are hard at work. In that type of case, the laptop will just stop charging, but first from the power bank and then slowly from the internal battery, so, not that bad of news. This new charger is a must for any serious Dell owner, and those interested should know the 18,000mAh version costs $99.99, and the 12,000mAh version costs $79.

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