The Microsoft Surface Studio Is Its First Desktop, and Creative Professionals Could Find a Goldmine in Its Use

SurfaceStudioPcWait a second! Microsoft, THE Microsoft has outdone itself once again? It has, this time with an improved rendition of its Surface Book (you know, the 2-in-1 considered to be the best of the best from Microsoft), by creating a larger, pretty incredible Surface Studio touchscreen computer, The machine, comparable to Apple in the most mysterious of ways, could possibly sway Apple users over to the Windows side of things. Well, we're not just talking anybody- however, those who are creative and professional types could find this to be their biggest friend for their projects. Folks are actually considering this to be a Microsoft against Apple product. You know, the Mac against Windows, even the laptop versus the desktop?

Having said that, yes this is a desktop. This is a 28-inch device that happens to be mounted onto a pair of “zero gravity” hinges, making it difficult to dub is as anything normal, but in good ways for sure, such as the way it’s hinges allow it to act like a regular monitor, and then fold into what is called its “Studio Mode”, where it makes itself the ideal drawing and writing surface. That right there is the ultimate functional pivot. When it’s in this mode, also considered/used as canvas mode, it’s true to its nickname. This thing could not be more like an actual canvas. I mean, ask this computer to change modes, and it does, and from a simple dial (I know, a dial!) located directly on the screen. Dial away, and you are in full Adobe Photoshop ready to get amazing things accomplished.

SurfaceStudioPc1This device has been compared to HP’s ultra creative Sprout PC from a few years back, which was considered the first truly visionary and productive-oriented device of its kind. Soon after, Microsoft gave us the nod that it was coming up with its own creative desktop computer, and for about three years we waited for updates. Yet, after simplifying the idea into the Surface Studio, which on the other hand is quite the niche product, what we ultimately have is a massive tablet which can hold comfortable angles for long periods of touchscreen work. This is ideal for a variety of creative professionals and anyone wanting to get some seriously specific work done. For example, if you were looking at a map in Street View mode on the flat surface of the display, you would see the the actual map on the tablet, and the street view photos on the computer screen. You could go as far as being a conductor here, with the composer using the keyboard to mix tools, and the new composition tracks on the monitor.

I can’t wait to see a commercial for this, it’s Microsoft’s first attempt at a desktop! I am expecting it to be good. I mean, those Microsoft Surface Book commercials really got their point across, showing quick flashes of the hybrid’s work, play, and creative drawing abilities. The Surface Studio is more than perfect for the multi-tasker type, it is a multitasker. The display itself is an incredible 4,500 x 3,000 pixels, which can switch between the wide DCI-P3 color gamut, or the more regimented sRGB color gamut, all by the simple touch of a button. Internals depend, but even the base model is as follows: the $3,000 model comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 2GB GeForce GTX 965M GPU, and a 1TB hybrid drive. More money equals more power, and in the case of the Studio, $4,200 gets you an Intel Core i7 CPU, 32GB of RAM, and so on.

SurfaceStudioPc2Professionals across the board, from game design to illustration, have given their say on the new product from Microsoft, noting it “is in a good position coming into this gambit”. Most other Surface series, the Pro 4 tablet, and the Book laptop in particular, have been well-received for sure, and issues with the Surface Pen, which will of course be included in the Studio, are happily on the mend. Their initial notes on improvement could include advancing Surface Studios with different screen sizes, performance levels, and price points, in order to truly “own this niche market”. It’s no doubt that Microsoft is in the right direction, and it is going to be so exciting to see this new product unfold into the market.

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