Acer Put out the Chromebook 15 With the Same Large Screen, a Good Battery, and Pretty Low-End Everything Else

AcerChromebook15A new Chromebook is out from Acer, yet it’s already getting the boot from some sources, who are agreeing many of its features are being compromised to make up for such a low price. The Chromebook 15 from Acer is replacing the model from last year, and with the same super low price-point of $199, it's a bargain for sure. This “basic specs” issue is nothing different then you'd see with various other Chromebooks, many of which are able to cost sub-$300 because they aren't as powerful as other notebooks. Still, it’s rough but true that this particular notebook is pretty weak in a few areas. Yet, this year's model does feature a nice large screen, plus the perk of a super-sized battery life.

Let's see if both of those features could be the saving grace for Acer's new model- perhaps something that could balance out its shortcomings. Well, considering Acer's previous Chromebook 15, from nearly two years ago, also featured a 15.6 inch display, this isn't quite a new feature, but it’s certainly a positive one (and we must remember this was technically the first Chromebook ever to have a 15.6 inch screen). With a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the display is said to feel as if it is suited more like a 13-incher (that’s a good thing). Remaining on the upsides of this device a bit longer, Acer claims that its updated Chromebook 15 now gets up to 12 hours of battery life, which is on the verge of 3 entire hours more than its last model.

AcerChromebook15-1On to the rest of the specifications, this new model only comes with 2GB of RAM, let's face it, that is so low that you would have to literally just be web surfing for most of your time on this device. Other Chromebooks are great for storing photos and using the cloud, and hold many different apps to get things accomplished. So 2GB isn’t much, plus, Acer has not said whether or not you can even upgrade the RAM on this model, or if it's going to sell upgraded models at all. This is definitely a drawback, particularly while in consideration of last year's option of upgrading to 4GB of RAM, and a full 1080p screen for just a spare $80, which is not much at all for all of that storage and display quality. Additionally, there is 16GB of built-in storage (normal), and the processor is a rather lower-end Intel model, the Celeron N3060. For connectivity, options are in the rather standard range, with two USB 3.0 ports, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO 2x2 technology. Also important to note is Acer's claim that the device can withstand an incredible 130lbs of pressure applied to it, along with drops of nearly 2 feet without “sustainable damage”. That’s nice and all, but dropping your Chromebook is probably the least of your worries here.

This is certainly one of the cheapest 15.6-inch laptops available, therefore take into consideration all the present factors the way you desire. Since the demand for Chromebooks is surely bounteous, many manufacturers are racing to fulfill the cost, size, spec, and design requirements that consumers are going to not only look for, but require. Given a Chromebook (besides the almighty Chromebook Pixel) is generally not tailored for being a powerhouse that can run more than basic apps and web pages, Chromebook users know this to begin with, therefore, the ways in which companies can fight tooth and nail over sales is even harder if you think about it. It’s like if there were 20+ “Walmarts” out there. We really only need that one Walmart, don’t we? Of course computers are different, and folks love specific brands, colors, and sizes, which is exactly how the competition remains so strong. After comparing the Acer Chromebook 15 to a Walmart, I feel a little bad, I would never compare a Chromebook to a Walmart, especially as I am typing on my own. However, if the price is worth it to you, and your needs are met, you're in the perfect niche for this particular model from Acer, its weaknesses are out in the open.

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