Ockel’s Sirius A Wants to Be The Cutest, and Most Groundbreaking Mini PC Ever

OckelSiriusBYou know those Dutch, always exceeding in the most intriguing of areas. I’m more than a fan of the Dutch, I am partially Dutch, so I’m allowed to boast about their technical culture. A particularly profitable Dutch firm, Ockel from The Hague, Netherlands, is known for success in crowdfunding projects. Ockel’s Sirius B Micro PC, which raised 2,939 percent of its campaign goal back in December 2015, was a vigorous little pocket-sized Windows 10 PC, packed with the power of a desktop. It did so well, and literally proved to the world that a true pocket PC could not only exist, but feature Intel Atom processors, Intel HD graphics, and other enticing specs, such as sufficient storage and connections; and all wrapped up into a tiny 123mm x 79mm x 11mm-sized device.

This, and of course other countless hybrid-type devices that provide both personal computing, mobility, plentiful storage and CPU power, have been quick to express the compact-PC desire these days. Ockel did just that with Sirius B, proving that a micro-PC could be so successful that it could literally raise over $450,000 just from a simple, and so, so, small of a concept.

OckelSiriusASince the Ockel Sirius B performed so well, and received so much support, it’s only natural that now, Ockel has a new Sirius A project, another small device, meant to be a personal computer as well, and ready to release all of its wonderfully new surprises. Yep, despite its size, it is still described as a portable PC, still running Windows, full 64-bit “Home” version this time. Also, the little guy is now in a 6-inch wedge form-factor PC, loaded with a Full HD touchscreen. Yep, it’s great.

The Ockel Sirius A. It’s a true, bonafide computer in a cute little package. It literally comes with one of Intel’s best Atom processors, 32GB of eMMC storage, external storage via MicroSD, plus two full-sized USB ports, an HDMI port, DisplayPort and Ethernet jack, and a lovely three hours on its tiny little internal battery. Talking about internals, the conclusion is set that the Sirius A is closer to a traditional desktop than a smartphone or tablet, plus, this 6-inch computer is also beautiful. From its full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution, to its tiny drawing pad, you must be looking at the pictures of these little cuties to truly understand their unique decree (there’s even a teensy Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer, front-facing camera, 3.5mm mic jack, and speakers stuffed inside there).

OckelSiriusA1They’re cute, with cute physical design, and they are also on Indiegogo for extra financial support. The founder of Ockel Tim Haaksma says, “we see the desktop and mobile market growing forward toward each other. The Ockel Sirius A is a one-of-a-kind blend of desktop and mobile”. The extra support goal, you know, a good $100,000, will allow for Ockel to get its new mini-PC underway by September. With $240,000 USD raised thus far, I would safely say Ockel Sirius is actually a big deal in the making.

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