Panasonic Talks About Its Flexible and Twistable Battery Technology

PanasonicFlexableBatteryMore bendable news has arrived! Right around the same time of Samsung’s rumored reveal of two bendable tablet devices at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, Panasonic is now talking about its very own bending and twisting battery technology. Some may consider the changes in battery technology to be one of the most crucial changes we could expect at the current time, as our highly-relied-on devices tend to have amazing displays, storage, and power, but pretty pathetic charging lives as a whole. But after Samsung’s horrific incidents with the Galaxy Note 7, could consumers become untrustworthy of continuing deviations in battery mechanics?

PanasonicFlexableBattery1So here we are, still on the notion of bendable batteries. Before, the thought of bending your phone or tablet would be dangerous because of course it would destroy it by breaking the screen and other components, not to mention bending a lithium-ion battery could lead to an explosion. Not to keep picking on Samsung but nobody wants to hear of another charging-related explosion. Panasonic's idea is that your smartphone could be friends with your wallet, meaning they could live the happy, cozy life of residing in your back pocket, able to bend without breaking or damaging anything..

PanasonicFlexableBattery2The company claims its .55mm thick battery may retain its characteristics “even after repeatedly bent into a radius of 25 millimeters, or twisted to an angle of 25 degrees”. Made of lithium-ion, the flexible batteries Panasonic has been working on supposedly retain 99% of their charge even when being manipulated into a bending or twisting state. The details of their architecture include a proprietary laminated outer body, which somehow manages to keep the batteries charged at the same time of preventing any leakage from the battery itself; this is of course vital for wearing something so close to the human body.

Granted these are lithium-ion, don't be weary because this type of battery has proven to be quite volatile under Samsung's watch. That’s because things weren’t done correctly. Yet, Panasonic is quite content with, and zealous to the safety of its upcoming technology. Panasonic’s aim for the battery’s design will be towards smart wearables, like fitness bands and smart clothing, and card-type devices, rather than smartphones or tablets as you may have thought. The batteries measure a mere 40mm x 65mm, with a capacity starting at just 17.5mAh for the smallest size, then up to 60 mAh for larger devices (just as a comparison, the average smartphone has a battery around 1,000mAh to 2,000mAh). But don’t you worry, other companies have been on the bendable phone wagon for quite some time now, “putting huge efforts into more flexible technology, be that in batteries, screens or more”, as stated by CCS research analyst Ben Wood to the BBC. Samples of Panasonic's bendable batteries are intended for shipment starting this month. Soon after, it will be mass production time.

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