The Latest From Nvidia Featured in Asus’s ROG G752VS, a VR-Ready, Gaming Laptop

AsusRogG752VS3When we’re discussing a laptop boasting Nvidia’s latest series of GTX 10 graphics, you gotta expect it to be a gamer’s dream. Not only that, but many of these GTX gaming laptops are VR ready. It’s pretty astonishing the leaps and bounds in performance that gaming laptops have been going through over the last few years (in this case, anything Pascal GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080 will undoubtedly suit your gaming needs). What’s even greater, is their increase in portability, while maintaining that beaming chassis some of us either love or hate.

AsusRogG752VSGetting to the device were talking about today, Asus’s ROG G752VS gaming laptop, which comes packed with a GeForce GTX series GPU, in either the 1060, 1070 or 1080 option, replacing Nvidia’s GTX 980. The ROG G752VS features a huge 17-inch screen, and an ample cooling system to dissipate all that raging power. Specifically, this guy is sized at a whopping 54mm thick, and weighs just over 9.6 pounds- so that talk about how great portable gaming is these days doesn’t exactly relate to this ROG machine. Keep this thing plugged in, sitting on a desk, and everything will be in perfect working order.

AsusRogG752VS2The ROG G752VS is so gamer, if that makes sense. It’s got that customary outer-spacey appearance, with an orange/red glowy effect. Along that massive red section is where two large cooling fans reside, and they are so needed. These laptops show a 24 to 25 percent increase over competing laptops, which are usually paired with GeForce GTX 980 graphics (what was so recently the diamond package). With the GTX 1080, as for example in the new Tomb Raider game, a 76 percent jump in performance is expected, where the GTX 980M runs about 30 percent slower. The Pascal architecture in the new GTX line shows so much efficiency, much of it in response to its “multi-phase” power supply. This maintains the GPU with electricity, and a ‘dual-FET’ power supply design in order to maintain such power in such compact space, if that makes any sense. Additionally, there are cases where the GTX 1070 laptop version performs better than desktop. Yet, to Asus’s decree, this performance battle is often determined by the game in question, and whether or not it has excellent multi-thread support.

Since Nvidia is totally ruling the gaming laptop market right now, so much that the company basically has every major laptop company bowing down on its knees ready to produce a Pascal GTX series laptop. Pricing is variable, and there are basically two models of the G752VS available, one of which doubles the RAM and SSD size of the other. Yet, it is believed that the cost of a GTX 1060 modeled laptop starts around $1,300, which is pricey, anything overclockable and with that much RAM and SSD will start nothing short of $2,499.

Whether Asus decides to allow for a few cheaper models for the craving gamers out there is unknown. Yet, no matter the model, pros of the Asus ROG G752VS definitely include its insistently better gaming performance than all last-gen systems, plus the relevant rumors of overclockability, and a very extensive list on the ROG Gaming Center App. There’s nearly every connectivity port you could ask for, a nice backlit keyboard with crisp and springy keys, a full HD G-sync display, and a poor battery life of just around 3 ½ hours, which is something quite forgiving due to the heat, power, and overclocking that the device seems to make simple. We said keep that thing plugged in and you’ll be just fine.

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