Dart by FinSIX, the Smallest Little Laptop Charging Companion With 65W of Juice

FinSixDartChargerDart is dubbed as the world’s smallest laptop charger, and after getting plenty of funding from its Kickstarter campaign, where 4,279 backers pledged $456,114 towards the device, is it still the world’s smallest laptop charger? As far as we know, yes. After being a bit of a newbie after finishing its campaign, Dart bolted in (pun intended) during CES this year, suggesting everyone drop their brick chargers, and let their ultra-thin laptops match their power sources for once. Now, months after we first heard of Dart, FINsix Corporation, the worldwide leader in high-frequency power electronics (and also a spin out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology LEES Laboratory), announced the sale of the itty charger on its website.

FinSixDartCharger1The main point of sizing down the laptop charger is the high portability factor. As well as the sleek designs the consumer market is loving (and craving more and more of), it’s past time to say “goodbye” to hefty brick chargers that weigh close to what your laptop does. Now, this isn’t said for all current ultra-portables. Like for instance, my Chromebook’s charger is about the size of a tin of Altoids or so, and I’m not complaining whatsoever. However, those who lug around MacBooks, or perhaps older notebooks, know that those chargers are beasts. They’re seriously beasts, and the thought of grabbing it out of the bag it’s nearly protruding out of, and trying not to break it while you find an outlet, is a job in itself. But folks, this is completely unnecessary, because no matter the power and battery size inside that laptop of yours, Dart has your back.

FinSixDartCharger2At a mere 2.75 inches x 1.1 inches, and 80 grams, Dart is four times smaller and lighter than the charger that came with your laptop. Plus, this versatile little buddy can charge 95% of the world’s laptops (Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Asus, etc) thanks to its internal hardware, and 9 interchangeable tips. It contains a powerful 65W, and a 2.1A auxiliary USB port, which can charge your other USB mobile devices in addition to your laptop, all at once. Ultimately, the size reduction is possible thanks to MIT researchers, who created specific patented high-frequency power reduction conversion technology. That, in itself, sounds highly complicated, and would probably require an entirely other column to understand.

Most of the top-business computer companies in the world are supported by Dart, and we know on-the-go consumers and business travelers alike appreciate lightening up their load. Portability, thinness, sleekness, and sturdiness are all in mind when most demographics are purchasing tablets, phones, and laptops. Yet, the “businessy” and the “busy” crave portability. That’s a fact. So in comes Dart, which at $99, is also available at retailers such as Brookstone, Staples, Fry's, and Electronic Express in multiple color options.

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