The Raspberry Pi Marks 10 Million in Sales With Its Pi Starter Kit, and It Deserves the Credit

RaspberryPiStarterKitYou’d think after being in business for over 5 years now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation would have done something like this before. The start-up, as well as lovers of the Pi across the globe, have most definitely brought out the best in the microcomputers in multiple ways, releasing countless kits and ways to hack, code, and build in an all-ages, versatile type of way. However, news this week involves the Foundation’s first official Pi Starter Kit. It has nearly everything you’d need to get coding, and possibly get lost in the fun of it all.

The most important tidbit right off the bat is the reasoning behind the Raz Pi Starter Kit! The kits are in celebration of 10 million in sales for the Foundation, a large feat for what was once a startup as small as its mini computer, and its tiny price tag. Secondly, these kits will be featuring the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, the latest model to date, offering what the company calls an “unashamedly premium” bundle.

RaspberryPiStarterKit1It’s also all very beautiful. In its almost glorified white color (ahem, Apple products), we’re looking at something a bit more elite in the way its displayed and put together. Along with the Pi 3 Model B, which comes pre-installed in the case, the kit includes an 8GB microSD pre-loaded with NOOBS (Pi’s OS installation software), a USB mouse, keyboard, power supply with regional adapters, and an HDMI cable. There’s also Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition) enclosed, which is a fun and lighthearted guide to the Raspberry Pi. It includes nine projects to get the user set up and into the developing process. It is written specifically for the age range of 11 to 15-year olds, has been widely successful since its debut, and would aid in anyone who is plunging into the fundamentals of computing.

RaspberryPiStarterKit2The Pi Starter Kit is available to order now. One may get the process started by of course visiting the Foundation’s website, or its distributors websites- element14, or RS Components. RS Components is worth visiting because has an overview and setup video on it’s page for getting your new Pi 3 Model up and running with NOOBS. The U.S. price starts around $140, and will become available in the coming weeks. The Starter Kit isn’t just the perfect addition to the Pi Foundation’s line. It marks true revolution of the company, which, after 4 ½ years post-conception of the original Pi (which targeted anyone, from school kid-age and up, to find fun in learning code and programming) has become a world renowned company.

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