Dell’s new Alienware Gaming Series Packs Crazy Graphics and Eye-Tracking

AlienwareNewWithGtx1080The thing about these new Alienware gaming laptops from Dell goes beyond their much-needed versatility, and sprightly aptitude. The entire gaming laptop series has some seriously cool internals going on, equipped with the latest from Nvidia’s GTX series (just weeks after the graphics giant decided to announce its latest GPUs inside laptops), and even eye-tracking capability.

With 13-inch, 15.6-inch, and 17.3-inch options, the Alienware laptops are at least 20 percent slimmer than last year (despite Alienware never being one to worry that much about going “Jenny Craig” like everyone else). The Alienware 13, which previously measured 28mm, now measures 22mm thin, the Alienware 15, which measured 34mm last year, measures 22mm thin as well, and the Alienware 17 measures 30mm, down from 34mm. The processing power and graphics specifications have only been partially released. We know both the 15-inch and 17-inch models will both support Intel’s Core i7 Skylake 6820HK processor (overclocked to 4.1Ghz), and may be customized with anything from 32GB to 1TB of storage. As far as latest Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs, all we know is that the Alienware 13 will arrive alongside the GTX 1080.

AlienwareNewWithGtx1080-1Besides some crazy new hardware, Dell added something very interesting upon boot up to these gaming notebooks. Windows Hello cameras, which allow you to log into Windows 10 with your face, are included in all three Alienware models. Additionally included in the 17.3-inch model, however, is Tobii eye tracking, something executed more thoroughly here than we’ve seen on past laptops. Eye tracking is used here to complete a variety of helpful tasks, such as disabling the keyboard backlight when your head is turned away, or to let you replay video, showing how you played a game and where you were looking, so that you could possibly correct your mistake. Is that gimmicky? A bit. But besides Windows Hello for booting up software, Tobii software on the Alienware 17 model lets you look at the Alienware logo just to boot up the computer. Less gimmicky, more fun? Yep.

AlienwareNewWithGtx1080-2Dell has always refreshed its Alienware laptops in one way or another, yet providing Nvidia’s 10-series desktop-class chips in its new series of gaming laptops is just what they needed, not only for being “VR ready” like so many other competitors out there, but also adding that highly-anticipated power factor that the GPUs hold. Plus, putting all of this inside such a tightly-sized laptop shows off its portability, which is becoming a big thing for PC gaming. Due later this month, we’re sure to hear about pricing and more specifics on all three models.

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