Acer’s Predator 21X is More Than Just a Gaming Notebook, It’s a Monster, With the World’s First Curved Display

AcerPredator21x2It’s necessary to start off the story of the Acer Predator 21X by stating that it’s in fact the first curved-screen laptop in the world. Let’s go ahead and second that statement with another important factoid - the alleged “insane” laptop is a whopping 17 pounds. That, in itself, is in fact insane, and also pretty much impossible to imagine lugging around. At the same time, it’s a gaming laptop, so how much will the user be walking hand in hand with it?

AcerPredator21x1Having said that, Acer better be pitching this as a stay-at-home type of system since PC gaming is becoming more mobile than ever. Announced at IFA in Berlin, alongside the Acer’s new Swift Series of laptops, many words have been used to describe the Predator 21X. Some examples, just for fun, are “redonkulous”, “proof of engineering”, “monster”, and “a big box of stupid”.

There’s explanation why this computer weighs so much, including the two GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs, a beautiful built-in mechanical keyboard, complete with Cherry MX switches and RGB illumination. Additionally, the touchpad on this thing flips over, transforming into a number keypad instantly. Other specs include Tobii eye-tracking to control your gaming sesh by staring at your enemy target (yep, no mouse or keyboard needed with Tobii), 4 speakers, and 2 subwoofers (my goodness!). As far as its screen, the prime feature of the Predator 21X, the 21-inch curved display beats most laptops’ size out of the park (which almost always top out at 17/18 inches). It also features 2,560 x 1,080 pretty pixels. Keep going, and we’ve got Intel’s 7th generation Core K-series processor, with up to 4TB of SSD storage, room for 4 DD4 slots with up to 64GB of RAM, plus an amazing count of 5 cooling fans. These seem so necessary it’s not even funny, right?

AcerPredator21xSo there. If you’re needing to be convinced how and why a laptop could add up to 17 whole pounds, that is how. This is why. Another word used to describe the Acer Predator 21X, “obscene”, is hopefully starting to make perfect sense to you now. These are incredible, and possibly overdone. On a nice note, each Predator 21X is made to order, fulfilling the needs of each customer in terms of specs and features. This process will begin in January, far enough away to also expect an Intel CPU model from the future. That may be just a rumor for now, but for something that hasn’t even been announced yet, we all know brand new Intel has gotta be good news for a gaming PC. So if you’re stunned or shocked, impressed or kind of disgusted, at least there’s been a reaction out of you. Acer knows what it’s doing when it’s making a gaming machine, and whether or not this particular one is a statement piece, hopefully it will get a few claps at the runway show.

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