Nvidia Brings Full Desktop GTX Series Graphics to Laptops, Considering Never Going Back

NvidiaPascalLaptopGraphics1I remember perfectly, just under a year ago, when tech giant Nvidia was considering planting their nearly perfect GTX 980 GPU into laptop form. Now, a year later, it seems that using some of its standard desktop hardware in mobile might just be the new norm for the company. This will ultimately mean Pascal laptop graphics will have a 76 percent performance boost over previous generations, even virtual reality capabilities.

NvidiaPascalLaptopGraphicsNvidia has already claimed the first of the notebook bunch to receive the desktop-equivalent upgrade, which will include the new “10 Series” GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080 GPUs. Nvidia is serious when it means these laptops will retain full-on power, nearly precise to the performance found in their desktop cards. There’s so much more that will happen with this news, however.

NvidiaPascalLaptopGraphics2For example, more than sheer power will be found inside these devices. Nvidia says their GTX 1080 laptop shares the exact same core count as its desktop counterpart, uses GDDR5X memory, and the same boosting speed, clocking a whopping speed of 1733MHz. Duly noted however, not all cards in the 10 Series maintain that ‘twinning’ type of appeal. Take the GTX 1070 mobile GPU, which actually features 128 more cores (thank desktop), and has a boost clock speed of up to 1645MHz, which is less than the 1,683MHz of its desktop alternate. Looking at the GTX 1060, there is a similar tale, as you will find slower boost clocking in its mobile form.

Overall, this transition basically allows mobile and desktop computers to be built with such similar capabilities, the difference between choosing one over the other could be mere form-factor. We will probably be seeing most of the 10 Series inside MSI, Asus, Razer, and Lenovo laptops and notebooks. Just know that with great power, comes, well, more bulk than simpler devices. Many of these laptop makers won’t be striving to make some sort of magically thin and feathery light laptop with insane graphics (as they will probably be reusing the same chassis they used for the GTX 980). Expect many of the portable options to be really thick, and really heavy. Plus, that power cord is not joke either. See how there’s always another side to the story to make it not so perfect? Still, big leap for mankind when it comes to Nvidia setting the bar for notebook capabilities. Now it’s not just the gaming PC niche that will enjoy all the “ridiculously good-looking” ( Zoolander reference, anyone?) fun.

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