Tech Startup Eve Has Put Design Ideas and Decisions in the Hands of the Community

EvePyramidFlipperWhat is this company Eve, and what is this Windows 10 device called the Flipper we are hearing about? Earlier this year we heard about Eve Technology, an innovative Finnish startup. Made up of 16 tech-enthusiasts (drawn from Google, Nokia, Xiaomi, and other retirees) who stand against big corps, and fully believe in their (self-proclaimed) “Eve Way”- which is designed to cut out the middlemen when manufacturing a device. As their motto reads, We create the platform, you create the product, Eve claims to be all about a revolution starting with “you”. The company’s current Flipper 2-in-1 device has been crowdsourced as a Windows 10 laptop/tablet that puts the power of the specs in the hands of the consumer.

Eve’s method of making the device manufacturing ideas communal came from a myriad of reasoning. First, consider the frustration when a new Samsung smartphone or Chromebook model comes out, and it has everything you want, but a terrible battery, or a missing microSD? Even worse, what if it has no USB Type-C port, or just one connectivity port all together? These frustrations leave people making decisions just out of habit and lack of option. It’s as if the industry, despite its resilience and vastness, is monopolizing against us. Furthermore, you know how you get that brand new smartphone, boot it up, and it has countless “goodies” already waiting there for you? Most brands pump your otherwise untouched laptop, tablet, or smartphone full of its own bloatware. Eve says the unnecessary apps and software cause reduced performance.

EvePyramidFlipper1Part of Eve’s purpose is to get consumers “in the know” about these practices- why most products are so unfairly overpriced (can someone say $650 iPhones?), and why they aren’t designed with the person using them in mind. The startup and its team felt that the very best solution is to do all operations online, hence Eve.Community, which is an arena of co-creators. Full of professionals, strangers, supporters, techies and the like, the device that will be born with the Eve stamp on it is a procreation of voting.

And so we have the Pyramid Flipper 2-in-1! Powered by Windows 10, this completely crowdsourced, 12.5-inch, 2160 x 1440p laptop/tablet was voted to contain an Intel Core M5 chip, Intel HD graphics, 8GB of RAM, 128GB and up of storage, 10 hours of battery life, USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 3, a variety of sensors, and a keyboard said to “have a few surprises”. The design is ready to move into production, and will soon be crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Could the “Eve Way” start a revolution in how our devices are made? Soon we will know more about this device, and once the crowdfunding begins, it will be interesting to see if the idea of democracy becomes a success.

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