Roccat Sova Created a Lapboard for Comfortable Gaming in Your Living Room

RoccatSovaLapboardKeyboard1What in the heck is a “lapboard”? It’s kinda like the most comfortable, versatile way to be lazy and game, watch TV, or basically do anything you’d normally do on your computer. I first envisioned the notion of a lapboard similar to those bean bag trays you get as a lame Christmas gift one year as your parents exclaim “See sweetie, now you can work on your homework in bed or on the couch and stop using a hard textbook!”.

RoccatSovaLapboardKeyboardThe idea of a lapboard is far more helpful than just being a cozy alternative. When we’re talkin’ issues with input, the whole PC-to-TV set-up has always been a “to do”. There’s usually tons of wires, and rearranging and such. Nowadays, folks want to PC game in their living rooms more than they ever have, yet it’s not as easy as the handheld controller consoles use. If you’re really craving the fun of chilling on your couch with your legs up on a coffee table, no need to worry about stretching those cables for your keyboard and mouse. No need to worry about getting it all set up, and still having to resort to the floor because something goes wrong. From digital Black Jack, first person shooters, to RTSes (which require all parts of the hands and keyboard), take a gander at the Roccat Sova if you’re ready to lazily game in your favorite Lazyboy.

RoccatSovaLapboardKeyboard2First revealed at the 2014 E3, this backlit keyboard is the best of the best for a gaming setup. Because your television is most likely (or easily adaptable to being) streaming-ready, all you need is the wireless, highly ergonomic Sova. While Sova was in hiding the past couple years, much was being done to get this peripheral designed for the mass market. Tested and built from scratch by Roccat, plus the countless hours of performance testing, this lapboard is the definition of comfort. It consists of a very large chassis, constructed from durable fiber and plastic, plus the obvious cushioned under area. Providing Sova needs to somehow connect to a display from a pretty far distance, the only thing connected is one single, detachable wire (which does not need to be actively plugged in to work), while the rest of the components include two USB ports for a mouse and headset.

So there you have it. It’s nothing to be scared of, and while the model is fairly different in terms of style, space and durability, it’s nothing far from what you do at your desk. Reviewers are providing that the Roccat Sova feels quite natural, although you’ll have to get used to the slightly different mechanics of getting a good headshot from your lap. Sova runs for $150 for a membrane model, and $200 for a mechanical model. Pre-ordering guarantees you a $50 Roccat Kova mouse, so jump on that to get a good deal.

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