Smartphone Charging Just Hit a New High – OvRcharge Is a Levitating Charger on Kickstarter

OvRchargeLevitatiingChargerMan, gravity can be a real drag sometimes, can’t it. Before you roll your eyes at that terrible joke (if you can call it that), what if I’m referring to a new type of smartphone battery charging unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? Kickstarter has introduced a new device called OvRcharge from Canadian-based AR Designs, something that completely defies the need for both wires, and, well gravity. Smartphones are gonna love this.

OvRchargeLevitatiingCharger1Companies who make smartphone accessories are definitely on the up and up. Since there’s basically two rulers in the world of smartphone manufacturing, those who make devices that aid in the department of battery charging have to do their best to not be a dime a dozen. What I mean by that is simple:, smartphone batteries don’t last long. While the brains behind the innovation are surely hard at work, we’re still waiting for battery technology to catch up with beautiful smartphone displays, and teeny tiny powerful processors.

OvRchargeLevitatiingCharger2We’ve seen countless charging solutions, from a hub that sits in your home and charges all your devices within a certain range, smartphone charging cases, to graphene battery technology with 15-minute device charging. Wireless power transfer, as we know it, is energy transmitted to an electrical load from a base or transmitter, which can then be used to charge a device. As OvRcharge works with both ‘Induction Charging’ and ‘Magnetic Levitation’, this an entirely different ball game. This is electromagnetism. As magnetic levitation/suspension works by counteracting gravitational acceleration, two primary issues cause the lifting force - an upward force counteracting gravity, and stability, in that the system doesn’t slide, flip, or configure itself into a neutral position.

Sorry, all of that had to explained in order for these amazing images of floating smartphones to make sense! I mean, the concept of a floating smartphone charger makes your USB-to-outlet seem like something from the Dollar Store, doesn’t it? According to AR Designs, smartphone charging by levitation comes in the form of both a special case and a wooden base. Working with iPhone 5s and anything higher, the smartphone case measures 4cm wide x 0.7cm deep, and has a circular protrusion on its back, and the wooden base measures 140mm squared x 33mm deep. The attractive wooden base is what provides the power, about 500mAh of charging power to be exact. It suspends, holds the item in mid air, and rotates it, all while doing the magical charging. When the battery is juiced up, OvRcharge stops charging, but maintains the beautiful rotation until removed.

For those who don’t own the newest iPhones, AR Designs is providing a third-party attachment to connect to the smartphone case you already use. Just when you thought there was a huge limitation to this nearly magical concept, AR Designs thought it out well, as long as the device doesn’t exceed the weight maximum of 600 grams (which is pretty heavy, meaning some tablets could levitate with OvRcharge). A variety of colors will be offered for the case, and the company does intend on releasing a larger, 700mAh capable version soon. As of now, the $199 and $209 pledge options, which get you started as Super Early Birds and Early Birds, are both sold out. But there’s still plenty of backing options and time until the campaign ends. With $38,079 of its $30,885 goal, 10 days to go, and countless sources take aback by this new charging identity, OvRcharge is truly something else.

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