Holophone Phablet – The Smartphone/Projector Running FULL Windows & Android

AkyumenHolophonePhabletSometimes it’s nice to read about a completely different kind of gadget, something that makes you turn your head. Something that’s not the latest iPhone or VR headset. In a world full of limitless smartphone decisions, this is surely an interesting alternative to an Apple or Samsung device. It’s even consumer ready. Definitely a phablet by design, this particular device, dubbed the Holophone Phablet, can display media onto your television or wall, thanks to a built-in projector. The 7-inch device is made by a company called Akyumen, a desolate and rather new manufacturer in the biz; also one that doesn’t have much holophone acquaintance under its belt.

AkyumenHolophonePhablet1At a whopping 7 inches, Akyumen’s device is definitely a phablet, considering the smartphone’s actual name is the Holophone Phablet (interesting choice there, but I’m no judge). Amazingly, this thing dual boots both Android Lollipop and Windows 10, not mobile versions like you might expect, but full on desktop quality from each OS. Even more peculiar, is the smartphone’s ultra large FHD 1080p display, not to mention its built-in 35-lumen Pico projector, which can throw a 100-inch image onto a screen or wall. The brains inside include an Intel quad-core Cherry Trail z8300 and 4GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage via microSD card slot, a 2,910mAh battery, plus cameras including 13MP in the rear and 5MP in the front.

AkyumenHolophonePhablet2The way to get your hands on this thing is through Akyumen’s website, where you can preorder from a host of 4 different models. The list includes the Holofone Phablet Education model, listed for $600, the Basic Bundle for $750, Premium Package for $850, or an Advanced set for $950, which includes a game controller, Bluetooth speaker, and battery stand (all package descriptions can be found on the company website). As unknown as this company called Akyumen is, so is the outcome this rather peculiar device. The idea is great, the option to run full versions of both of the latest operating systems from Windows and Android is great, and the specs are pretty darn great (aside from the so-so battery). Currently, preorders for the cheaper packages are currently sold out, which means we will soon be getting a consumer glimpse into how well the Holophone Phablet performs. Remember, in the very least, it’s a smartphone that can make calls, take photos and write text messages, so whether or not it’s the best projector we’ve ever seen might not be what ruins its future reputation (although Akyumen should then think about changing its name). But hey, it runs desktop-ready Windows 10, and personally, I like that.

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