Chinese Company Dongxu Excited to Incorporate Graphene Batteries for 15-Minute Device Charging

GrapheneBattery15MinChargeWell we meet again. It has been time and time again that I have reported on this or that new battery technology being incredibly advanced, to the point of charging a smartphone in this or that amount of time. This is probably because there’s plenty of smarty pants out there coming up with solutions for our quickly-draining devices across the board. Some of the latest tech, or shall I say, one of the latest contenders in the world of battery power, claims to recharge systems in less than 15 minutes.

China, which apparently loves using graphene in various products and ideas, has come out with something extraordinary. Chinese company, Dongxu Optoelectronics, has revealed the world’s first battery made out of graphene, a honeycomb-shaped allotrope of carbon. “G-King”, consisting the countless uses and properties of graphene, is about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel, so, get that in your head and picture it working in smartphones! Dongxu has demonstrated its graphene batteries having the capacity of a 4,800mAh battery, exactly like one that you would find in a laptop; which can be discharged and recharged 3,500 times, seven times more than lithium-ion. Plus, the charging time is ridiculous, typically taking just 13-15 minutes to fully charge the device. By comparing this to the regular 1.5-2.5 hours it takes with conventional lithium batteries, I’d say this is a breakthrough in battery charging technology.

GrapheneBattery15MinCharge1Australian energy tech company, LWP Technologies, not only fully supports the development of this battery technology using graphene, but has bought a 50 percent share in it! The wonder that is graphene could be seen in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and whatever else the geniuses think of (actually, the geniuses are figuring in electric cars into the scenario as well, which currently face consequences by lengthy recharges). LWP calls it innovative and believably capable of changing the energy markets, as well as the way the world commutes.

Dongxu doesn’t have enough of a timeline ready to give consumers an expected arrival date, but since this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the significance of graphene batteries powering devices, we do know for a fact that the world is getting stoked about it.

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