Lenovo Showcases New Bendable Displays with a Concept Smartphone and Tablet

LenovoCPlusSmartphoneBendableScreen2Bendable display technology is one of the hottest trends in the world right now. As far back as 2013, Samsung has been teasing concepts that feature bendable and even foldable displays. If the rumor mill is to be trusted, they could even launch two such mobile devices (a 5-inch mobile phone and a 7-inch tablet) with functioning bendable screens as early as next year. Some of the other major mobile players, including LG and Nokia, are also rumored to be working on their own bendable handsets. In short, the competition is heating up. Because in the tech world, it is almost as crucial to be the first as it is to be the best. In an effort to stay one step ahead of their competition, Lenovo showcased some of the bendable tech they’ve been working on to last week’s Lenovo Tech World Event in San Francisco – just so we all know they’re on it.

LenovoCPlusSmartphoneBendableScreenThe concept innovations that Lenovo featured at their event are both two-in-one devices. First up was the C Plus smartphone, which essentially doubles as a smart wearable. Its flexible display allows it to be wrapped around the wrist and worn like a very bulky smartwatch. The flexible display comes in at 4.26 inches and is said to come in twelve different colors when (and if) it becomes available. The Folio prototype, the larger of the two devices, at first glance looks like any standard 10-inch tablet you’ve seen from every tablet maker on the planet. That is, until you see it in action. In an opposite motion than you would use to open a book, the tablet folds outward, providing the users with two displays – one on each side of the fold. In a demonstration by Lenovo, the concept was teased as essentially functioning like a phablet. It performs like a normal smartphone (even conducting phone calls) while folded; then serves as a standard tablet when unfolded again. It’s pretty neat to see, and Lenovo has since added several videos to YouTube demonstrating the concepts in use and motion. There are no details on potential release dates just yet, but be sure that Lenovo is working hard to be at the front of the pack when the time comes to move into production.

LenovoCPlusSmartphoneBendableScreen1Lenovo used the event to tease a few other projects they’re working on as well. One of these was their connected Smart Shoes, which are based on the Intel Curie module and feature LED lights that allow users to receive customized news and information pushed to their smartphone. The shoes are outfitted for wireless charging and can track fitness data as well as play motion controlled games. Additionally, Lenovo released a teaser video highlighting their concept for a “Connected Home”. Their version would feature voice-controlled commands while putting a world of information at the users’ fingertips. Requests to do anything from monitor their health to check the weather would be fulfilled with nothing more than a flick of the wrist. According to Lenovo, these concept innovations reflect the “creativity, experimentation and ingenuity” of the company’s engineers, designers and developers – and they are more than proud to show that off.

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