Dell Wants to Make a Fancy Fashion Statement With an Upgraded Gold XPS 13

DellXps13GoldEditionThere’s multitudes of reasons to love the Dell XPS 13. You’ve got to give it props for possibly being one of the best Windows laptops ever- and yes we know the Surface Book exists, and the XPS 13’s lack of touchscreen may be the exact reason it isn’t quite perfect. Dell took its time trying to perfect its “XPS formula”, as The Verge calls it, giving it incredible quality and reliability factors, closer to what the Apple MacBook Air offers than anyone. It fixed its trackpad issues (most Windows laptops suffer from this), gave it a more polished appearance, and improved battery life. So what next?

DellXps13GoldEdition1Take a breath because, IT COMES IN GOLD. Seems like no big deal, but for the purpose of hoping you read on, there are more aspects to this new edition than its color. However, Dell is certainly pitching its Gold XPS 13 as a trendy product, a fashion perk, a laptop to care enough about that it was officially launched during a runway event at New York Fashion Week. It’s gold physique is also meant as an expression of its own wealth (this thing is not cheap).

DellXps13GoldEdition2Being the only configuration that comes in gold, this particular variant of the XPS 13 features a 13-inch InfinityEdge 10-point touchscreen display, at a whopping 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution. That right there is quite an update from other models. Plus, it’s nearly bezel-less, kinda like its larger-screened, big brother model, the XPS 15. Along with a better display, the Gold edition XPS 13 also comes with an Intel Core i7-6560U processor (the fastest of the land at up tp 2.2GHz), 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and 256GB PCIe SSD. Graphics got an upgrade as well, now housing a 128MB Intel Iris 540 GPU. Most of the rest of the specs are the same as other models, and its gold exterior doesn’t mean it isn’t still built with a nice carbon fiber deck, plus that aluminum encasing at the top and bottom. Finally, connectivity includes Thunderbolt 3 (and charging) in its USB Type-C port, which is an update, several other USB ports, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Cnet).

All of this, in gold, and you’ve got yourself a $1,649 laptop. That’s okay, because gold is everything these days. If it’s not gold, it’s rose gold. Just by launching this model, Dell is reaching the higher-end market of consumers by giving a new color option, and I bet that alone works wonders. See, if rich people can afford gold, they can afford a gold laptop just for the sake of having a gold laptop. I know Apple will be gaining some serious popularity in the young female consumer market during this holiday season by releasing its rose gold MacBook 2016. Whatever the color, Dell’s new XPS 13 model has the kind of upgrades not everyone will flock to, considering the price, this is certainly a niche product. On the other hand, it will probably still do pretty well, because, it’s Dell.

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